18 Refreshing Dutch Bros lemonade drinks to beat the heat (2023)

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The 18 Best Lemonade Drinks At Dutch Bros: Our Top Picks!

In addition to coffee, Dutch Bros Coffee Shop serves a wide variety of beverages, including the company's signature lemonade, at 538 locations across the United States.

Let's dive into our favorite Dutch Bros lemonades!

1. Palm Beach-Limonade

Oh Palm Beach! Who doesn't love that sweet sea breeze, right?

As you can imagine, this Dutch Bros lemonade is named after the popular city thanks to its flavors that will take you on your dream vacation with just one sip.

Palm Beach Lemonade is made with pomegranate syrup and peach syrup mixed with refreshing Dutch Bros.

This combination of flavors is the perfect balance between sweet and sour: each sip feels like a party in the mouth.

We know what you're thinking: this seems to be oversold. Well, in that case, why don't you try to see for yourself? We are sure that this drink will not disappoint you.

HQ Barista Tip: Add a drizzle of pomegranate to your Palm Beach Lemonade for a tarter flavor; You'll thank us later.

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2. Strawberry Lemonade

If you're more of the classic type, good old strawberry lemonade is for you.

This simple drink contains the best of both worlds:the sweet taste of strawberry syrup and sour lemonade from Dutch Bros.No wonder it's hugely popular with kids and the kids at heart.

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This refreshing drink is usually served ice cold, but you can also order a mixed version.

Mixing this drink will further bring out the sweet taste of the fresh strawberries and counteract the tart taste of the lemonade.

The result is a super tasty soda that can cool you down in the sweltering heat of the afternoon.

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3. Tigerblut

Ok, don't be scared. Although the name of this drink is a bit creepy, it does not contain actual tiger blood.

Tiger's Blood Lemonade gets its name from its pinkish-red color, which is really pretty if you ask us.

In addition to its attractive colorThis drink has a combination of flavors that will blow your mind. It is made with strawberry and coconut syrup,something you won't see often.

We know it sounds too experimental, but once you try it, you'll understand how delicious this drink is. That's why it's one of the best Dutch Bros lemonades!

When monitoring your sugar intake, keep in mind that a large sugar is 69 grams.

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4. Electric Berry

you love berriesAska lot? If your answer is yes, the Electric Berry Lemonade is for you.It is made with blue raspberry and lime syrup.

Adding lime syrup to lemon juice might sound like acid overload, but it surprisingly results in a more refreshing taste.

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It's actually quite difficult to explain in writing, so we encourage you to order this drink and experience what we're talking about.

Did we mention that it comes in a light blue color? Try it mixed together for a special treat. A medium has 470 calories.

HQ Barista Tip: For more berry flavor, order a blue raspberry drizzle. You are welcome.

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5. Edelsteinbeere

Dutch Bros flavor combinations are out of this world, and Gem Berry is one of the drinks that proves it.

This drink contains blackberry syrup, vanilla syrup and raspberry syrup.

Vanilla syrup may sound out of place, but it gives this drink a creamy flavor that balances out all the sweetness and tartness.

Give it a try and see where the flavors will take you.

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6. Eclipse solar

Ready for more unique flavors? Then you should try the Eclipse Lemonade.

In addition to regular lemonade, this drink contains peach syrup, passion fruit syrup, and blackberry syrup, topped with a blue raspberry drizzle.

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The different flavors make for an interesting cup that is sure to cool you down on hot summer days.

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7. Sweet sunrise

If you like your lemonade sweet, Sweet Sunrise Lemonade will be your new favorite drink. This unique syrup blend provides a burst of flavor with every sip.

The peach syrup gives it a subtle sweetness, the passion fruit gives it a tangy touch, the orange gives it a citrus note and the banana gives it a creamy undertone that makes it irresistible.

Perfect for a hot summer day or when you need a refreshing boost.

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8. Blue Raspberry Lemonade

If you think the lime syrup at Electric Berry isn't for you, why not ditch it and order a blue raspberry? It's essentially the same drink without the sweet and sour flavor of the lime.

It consists of a mixture of blue raspberry syrup and fresh lemon juice,Create a sweet and delicious drink guaranteed to quench your thirst.

So if you're looking for something a little different from the Electric Berry but still want a bluetongue, give this a try and see why it's one of our favorites.

18 Refreshing Dutch Bros lemonade drinks to beat the heat (8)

9. Hawaiian Lemonade

You don't have to pack your bags and travel to Hawaii to experience a taste of Hawaii. All you have to do is go to the nearest Dutch Bros branch and order the Hawaiian Lemonade.

Comes with banana, orange, peach and strawberry syrupthat will surely put you in the tropical mood.

If you're a fan of these fruity flavors, you're sure to enjoy every sip of this lemonade.

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10. Sunbeam Lemonade

When you need a pick-me-up, Ray of Sunshine Lemonade is sure to give you the boost you need.

This lemonade comes with blackberry syrup, peach syrup and grapefruitthat will brighten your mood with every sip.

Blackberry syrup adds a hint of tartness, peach syrup adds a hint of sweetness, and grapefruit juice adds a hint of citrus that will awaken your taste buds.

So next time you visit Dutch Bros be sure to check it out. trust us; You will not regret!

18 Refreshing Dutch Bros lemonade drinks to beat the heat (10)

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11. Dragon Slayer Lemonade

One of our favorite Dutch Bros lemonades is Dragon Slayer Lemonade.

This drink has all the berries – raspberry and blue raspberry syrups, topped with a little blackberry drizzle – tart overload, that's for sure!

In addition to its unique combination of flavors, we love how it sounds when we order this drink – who doesn't want a dragon slayer, right? For a more indulgent treat, ask for a combo version.

18 Refreshing Dutch Bros lemonade drinks to beat the heat (11)

12. Palma

Would you like to be transported to a tropical paradise? Then Palm Tree Lemonade is perfect for you.

This refreshing drink is made with a mixture of pomegranate, passion fruit and lime syrup,They create a unique and delicious flavor that makes you feel like you are lounging on a beach under a palm tree.

It is the perfect combination of sweet and sour thanks to the unique flavor of passion fruit, lime and pomegranate.

So next time you want a taste of the tropics, order a palm lemonade – it's the perfect way to beat the heat and add a little fun to your day!

18 Refreshing Dutch Bros lemonade drinks to beat the heat (12)

13. Hyperchrome Lemonade

If you are adventurous and like to try different flavors of lemonade, you should add Hyperchrome Lemonade to your list.

This drink is made from orange, passion fruit and pomegranate syrup.

It may sound like a strange mix, but the citrusy notes of the orange and the tartness of the passion fruit and pomegranate make this drink an exciting combination of flavors.

18 Refreshing Dutch Bros lemonade drinks to beat the heat (13)

14. galactic

Dutch Bros' lemonade collection is so extensive that it will take you a whole month to try all its flavors.1]

If you want to try them all, we recommend putting Galaxy Fish at the top of your list.

Don't be biased, but it hasthe best flavors of syrup: strawberry, lime and passion fruit.

This flavor combination is the bomb, and we're not kidding. It's a fruity explosion in every sip.

18 Refreshing Dutch Bros lemonade drinks to beat the heat (14)

15. Green tea lemonade

Some Dutch Bros Lemonade flavors might be a bit much, especially for health enthusiasts looking to keep sugar out of their diet.

If you are one of them, Green Tea Lemonade is your best option. This classic drink is pretty simple;It only contains green tea and lemonade.

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Plus, you get the best of both worlds. Green tea is packed with antioxidants, including a catechin called epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG), which helps prevent cell damage and offers other health benefits.2]

Lemons also have health benefits, as they are high in vitamin C, which can promote wound healing, among other things.[3]

18 Refreshing Dutch Bros lemonade drinks to beat the heat (15)

16. Aquabeere

If you are a fan of watermelon, this lemonade drink is for you.In addition to watermelon, there are also strawberry, kiwi and blue raspberry syrups.that make this drink irresistible.

We're big fans of Aquaberry, not just for the perfect combination of flavors, but for the right amount of sweetness, tartness, and heat in every sip.

18 Refreshing Dutch Bros lemonade drinks to beat the heat (16)

17. Strawberry Pineapple Lemonade

Granted, this Dutch Bros lemonade flavor might sound too tart, but it's less tart than it sounds.

While the strawberry and pineapple fruits can be sour, let's not forget that these flavors are turned into syrup to make a sweeter version.

While these fruits are naturally tart, their syrupy versions are sweeter, making them the perfect complement to lemonade.

We're pretty sure you'll love this mix! and you can have oneLarge ice cream version for under 300 calories.

18 Refreshing Dutch Bros lemonade drinks to beat the heat (17)

18. High Diving Lemonade

If you love Palm Beach Lemonade, you will surely like High Dive Lemonade. Although essentially the same drink, the difference between this lemonade and Palm Beach is the drizzle.

The High Dive is drizzled on top with a splash of tropical fruit, which is a mix of pineapple, guava, orange, and passion fruit.

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Please note that this drink is not available all year round and is only available in some branches.

So if you come across someone who offers this drink, take advantage and ask for it right away. You will not regret!

18 Refreshing Dutch Bros lemonade drinks to beat the heat (18)

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