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Choosing which drinks to order at Dutch Bros can be a daunting task, especially if you're new to the menu. The coffee chain probably has the biggest drinks menu around.

This article is limited to the best Dutch Bros sodas to make it easier for you to choose and order delicious sodas from your favorite store.

Dutch Bros uses water, ice, lemon concentrate with pure cane sugar and flavored syrups to make their lemonades.

You can order these lemonades chilled or blended. The predominant flavors in Dutch Bros lemonades are strawberry, raspberry, peach, passion fruit and blackberry.

Calories in Blended Sodas vs. iced soft drinks

Dutch Bros mixed sodas have nearly twice the calories and sugar content of iced sodas because they contain more syrup than iced sodas. For example, a medium cup of tiger's blood lemonade mix contains three ounces of syrup and has 470 calories compared to 240 calories in a medium cup of frozen tiger's blood lemonade containing one ounce of syrup.

@DutchBrosAfter school surprise sodas are so good. ❤️❤️❤️@vibxsYT7 pic.twitter.com/tBmQejgX0e

– Königin Marianita 🦚👑 #RepTourDenver#SWTDenver/Phx (@diva_marianita)June 21, 2022

There are a few ways to add pizzazz to a Dutch Bros lemonade.

  • please shine. This is an edible glitter that is added to dairy free iced drinks for free. It is dairy-free and gluten-free and does not change the taste of the drink. Dutch Bros Shine is made with dextrose and contains 1 gram of carbs per serving
  • Add tropical fruit topping. Launched in 2022, this coverage is a blend of guava, passion fruit, mango and orange. You can add it to any fruit drink.
  • add green tea or energy drinkto any soda to add a little caffeine when you need a little caffeine
  • ask for onesugar free lemonademade with unsweetened lemon juice and your choice of sugar-free flavors. Popular unsweetened lemonade flavors include peach, vanilla, strawberry, and coconut. Each gram of sugar-free syrup cuts 70 to 100 calories from your soda.

Best lemonades at Dutch Bros

  1. Palm Beach with fruit cover
  2. palma
  3. strawberry lemonade
  4. Tigerblut
  5. hyperchrome
  6. Edelsteinbeere
  7. Palm Beach Green Tea Lemonade with Mango Drizzle
  8. blue raspberry
  9. Aftershock-Limonade
  10. Hawaiian
  11. sunshine
  12. double rain
  13. And gummy bear lemonade
  14. Hai attack
  15. galactic
  16. Astronaut
  17. peach lemonade
  18. limonada tropical
  19. Hyperchromic Green Tea

1. Palm Beach with real fruit topping

Palm Beach Lemonade is made with ice, water, lemon concentrate, peach and pomegranate syrup. Order it with a real tropical fruit topping for a delicious finish.

Palm Beach Lemonade calories are 190, 240, and 300 calories for a small, medium, and large cup, respectively.

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2. Palmenlimonade

It's a sweet and sour mix of lemon, ice, passion fruit syrup and pomegranate syrup. A small heart of palm lemonade has 200 calories.

3. Strawberry Lemonade

Strawberry lemonade is a classic around the world. It is an attractive and vibrant pink color. Dutch Bros Strawberry Lemonade is a delicious blend of sweet strawberry syrup, ice, water and lemon concentrate.

It has 180, 230 and 290 calories in small, medium and large sizes.

If you live near a Dutch brother but think it's too expensive (yes lol), buy a lemonade! ! ! This is a light strawberry lemonade with ice (plus booze) and it's only $3.25 for 32 ounces!pic.twitter.com/NAlV9l9WZ2

— louise (@littlegoldenboi)July 16, 2021

4. Tiger's Blood Lemonade

Tiger Blood Lemonade is a sweet blend of coconut syrup, strawberries, lemon concentrate, ice and water. The strawberry mix with coconut syrup is delicious and great for summer.

A small tiger's blood soda has 180 calories, while a medium has 240 calories and a large has 290 calories.

document my@DutchBrosDrinks. First at the new store 5 minutes from me. Tiger's Blood Mixed Lemonade 🔥pic.twitter.com/jkVsEtX2DI

— tiff 🫧 (@alivebiebs23)July 21, 2021

5. Hyperchromatic Lemonade

This lemonade has a refreshing tropical flavor that will make you want to sit in the serenity of the beach while enjoying the drink. Hyperchromic lemonade is made with pomegranate, orange and passion fruit flavors, lemon concentrate and ice.

Most people order Hyperchrome with an energy drink, so you might want to tell the barista that you want a non-energy soda.

6. Gem Berry Lemonade

Today's Dutch Bros order is Gem Berry Lemonade!pic.twitter.com/GXNMaFV1Ve

— currently in Birushana Hell (@michemagius)July 6, 2021

Gem Berry Lemonade is a great drink for berry lovers as it combines blackberry and raspberry flavors with vanilla, lemon concentrate and ice. The raspberry and blackberry fusion tastes like tayberries.

Vanilla goes well with blackberry and raspberry. The lemon flavor accentuates the berry flavor. If you want a richer berry flavor, check this out.post shock lemonadesob.

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7. Palm Beach Green Tea Lemonade with Mango Drizzle

Green tea soda has been credited with benefits like improving your energy levels, boosting your immune system, and promoting brain health, among others.

A cut of Palm Beach lemonade with green tea is super tasty and a great way to get some caffeine in your system. The mango drizzle enhances the drink's fruity flavor.

8. Blue Raspberry Lemonade with Tropical Fruit Topping

If you like delicious blue drinks, this is the drink for you. Breaking up the sour taste of the lemonade, the sweet blue raspberry syrup is chilled with ice and topped with real tropical fruit.

I was blessed again today, my sister bought me Dutch Bros (Blue Raspberry Lemonade) so I blessed someone else.#DutchBros #Lemonade #blue raspberry #SRPD # To pay in advance #SaltRiverRez pic.twitter.com/VuVKjrcdjc

— 💀RAiDERETTE_TROUBz💀 (@RaidretteTroubz)December 2, 2021

9. Aftershock-Limonade

Aftershock is a mixed berry lemonade that combines raspberry, blackberry and strawberry with lemon syrup and ice.

Aftershock Lemonade is a blend of sweetness and acidity that leans slightly towards the sour side of things.

10. Hawaiian

We recommend ordering it mixed, as it is a different jam than the chilled version. Hawaiian lemonade combines banana, peach, orange and strawberry flavors with ice and lemon concentrate.

It's a summer delight.

11. Sunshine

Sunbeam Lemonade combines the sweet, uplifting aromas of ruby ​​red grapefruit with the sweet, slightly tart aromas of blackberry and peach. He also gets ice cream and the lemon flavor from Dutch Bros.

This is a favorite beach drink for those flashy moments.

12. Double Rainbro Lemonade

Rainbro Double Lemonade is a delicious blend of coconut, peach and strawberry flavors flavored with lemonade and ice.

Dutch Rainbro started out as a secret rebel drink, but it's more delicious as a lemonade than a caffeinated rebel drink.

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13. And gummy bear lemonade

OG Gummy Bear Lemonade is an explosion of sweetness and flavor. This tasty treat has watermelon, grapefruit, passion fruit and pomegranate flavors.

It tastes much better blended than iced.

14. Shark Attack Lemonade

Dutch Bros' lemonade menu has its fair share of eccentric names, including Shark Attack. Some people call it Ocean Attack Lemonade.

It has coconut syrup, blue raspberry syrup and lime syrup and is topped with drizzled pomegranate.

If you want the drink to be all blue without any reddish accents, substitute the pomegranate drizzle for the blue raspberry drizzle.

15. Fischlimonade Galaxy

Galaxy Fish Lemonade is a fusion of passion fruit, strawberry and lemon.

16. Astronaut Lemonade

This lemonade is a favorite of berry lovers. It is enriched with blackberry, raspberry and almond flavors.

17. Peach Lemonade

Dutch Bros Peach Lemonade is a refreshing drink with a fresh, sweet and slightly tart taste. It's a simple but delicious blend of peach syrup and lemon flavor.

Tart lemon brightens the peach flavor in this delicious summer drink.

18. Tropical lemonade topped with tropical fruits

What could be more satisfying than enjoying some refreshing, icy tropical flavors on a sweltering day? Dutch Bros Tropical Lemonade combines the tropical flavors of coconut, blue raspberry and passion fruit.

For an added tropical flavor, garnish the drink with Dutch Bros' exclusive tropical fruit topping.

19. Hyperchrome Green Tea Lemonade (extra sweet)

We already know that green tea and lemon juice are a perfect combination. The addition of hyperchromic pomegranate, orange and passion fruit flavors make this lemon iced tea a refreshing and fruity drink to enjoy at any time of the day.

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When ordering this drink, order an extra sweet hyperchrome green tea lemonade, which gives the drink a more liquid cane sugar.

final thoughts

There are countless delicious drinks to choose from on the Dutch Bros. lemonade menu. The predominant flavors in Dutch Bros lemonades are peach, blackberry, raspberry, strawberry and passion fruit.

Dutch Bros Lemonade Menu FAQ

Does Dutch Bros Lemonade contain caffeine?

No, Dutch Bros sodas are caffeine free unless you add tea or an energy drink.

How much does a large lemonade cost at Dutch Bros?

A large lemonade at Dutch Bros costs $7.25 to $8.50, depending on the location and state you're ordering from. You'll likely pay an extra fee for some customization as well.

How many calories does Dutch Bros lemonade have?

In general, a small Dutch Bros iced soda is 180-200 calories, a medium cup is 230-250 calories, and a large soda is 280-300 calories. Blended Dutch Bros sodas have almost twice the calories of frozen sodas.


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