In New Zealand, watch a black lab swim for just over two orcas (2023)

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(Video) Orca encounter with diver and dog (Orcas at Matheson Bay, New Zealand)

Read on to see this amazing video

Core items:
  • Watch this amazing video of a black lab encountering two killer whales after chasing a stick thrown into the sea.
  • Black Labradors descend from St. John's Water Dogs, originally bred to help fishermen in Newfoundland, Canada.
  • Orca whales venture near shore in search of food, as do stingrays.
In New Zealand, watch a black lab swim for just over two orcas (1)

Labrador Retrievers are a popular breed because they are laid-back, loving companions to humans. They are great with families and love being in the water. In fact, their thick tails act like oars in the water, helping them swim fast.

Their coats are waterproof and even in cold water they stay carefree! They have boundless energy, making them incredibly versatile as both hunters and workers.Dogs. They can run and swim for hours and are often used in environments that require a commitment to hard work, such as:Search and rescueThe mission.

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This video starts with a view ofMatheson's Bay, Leigh in New Zealand. There are some rocks sticking out of the water and a diver is right in the middle of the screen looking straight ahead as a large black orca fin approaches him.

He gets a little too close to get comfortable and he climbs the rocks, crawling backwards while keeping an eye on the huge orca in front of him. As the video continues, you see a second fin and realize that there are two orcas in the water swimming extremely close to shore.

Healthy orcas are drawn to the peroxide-rich waters they find near shore. The water tends to be clearer and they don't have to deal with the pollution they typically encounter in deeper water.

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The camera pans back to the diver and you can see that he has fully emerged from the water and is resting on the rocks to stay away from the two orcas. Then the video switches to a shot of the black lab enjoying the water.

The pup is so close to shore that you can see the small waves rolling in right behind him. He looks around and swims to shore when one of the orca's fins pops out of the water, very close to the lab.

The lab focuses on the shore and keeps walking as the orca emerges from the water directly behind him. He realizes he is not alone and has a normal reaction to hurry and keep swimming. It gets to a point where the water isn't deep enough to continue swimming, and he gets up, turns, and faces the orca.

The orca has made it into the shallow bay, and when he finds he can't go any further, he turns and swims away while the black lab looks on in disbelief (along with other onlookers!).

Is this normal behavior?

In New Zealand, watch a black lab swim for just over two orcas (5)

Although Labrador Retrievers are born with qualities that can make them excellent swimmers, there is no guarantee that they will be comfortable in the water. Labrador Retrievers should be introduced to the water from a young age and given an opportunity to exercise their natural abilities. However, the ancestors of the Labrador Retrievers are the St. John's Water Dogs, which were bred specifically as working dogs to help out the Newfoundland fishermen. Once a black Labrador Retriever is comfortable with water, they will naturally take advantage of opportunities to swim, be it a lake, river, pool or even the ocean. A black lab swimming in the ocean is not uncommon. This particular black Labrador goes ashore as soon as he notices the big whale. Given the whale's size, it's not surprising that the dog instinctively runs in the opposite direction. Although dogs can be good swimmers, they are clearly at a disadvantage in the water overhead.

And the orca? Do killer whales eat dogs? In fact, there is no record of an orca killing or eating a human or dog. Killer whales usually stick to their familiar diet, which may include stingrays, and have been known to venture close to shore in search of them. It is evident that the whale was probably very curious about the swimming dog and may have evaluated it as a potential meal. We are so happy that this special dog made it safely to shore.

Where do orcas live?

In New Zealand, watch a black lab swim for just over two orcas (6)

Killer whales, the largest members of the dolphin family, prefer to live far out at sea where the water is deeper. Although they generally live around the world, these predators prefer cooler waters.

However, it is no surprise that they have appeared in Leigh as they live near the coast and can be found on all coasts of New Zealand and can even be found in estuaries and harbours.

What other animals live on the shores of New Zealand?

New Zealand is blessed with an abundance of marine life, including a wide variety of species, all protected by law.

An adventurous Labrador who goes swimming might also find:

The common dolphin (Delphin von Delphi):These intelligent and sociable whales usually appear in the summer and can be seen in small groups or groups that can reach a thousand members. Other New Zealand dolphins that dog and human fans are likely to encounter include:

  • O golfinho negro (Lagenorhynchus obscurus)
  • The bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncatus/Tursiops süchtig)

New Zealand fur seals (Arctocephalus forsteri):A case of deceptive appearances, these gregarious seals love areas with large rocks for sunbathing and shallow pools for a dip. Men also compete against each other, with size playing a key role in deciding the winner. Other seals are:

  • New Zealand sea lion (Phocarctos hookeri)
  • Southern elephant seal (Mirounga leonina)

The Labrador can also locate

  • Seahorse (Hippocampus abdominalis)
  • Ein Tainha (Mugil Cephalus)
  • Bodião (Notolabrus celidotus)

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In New Zealand, watch a black lab swim for just over two orcas (12)

In New Zealand, watch a black lab swim for just over two orcas (13)

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