Passports – EMBASSY OF LEBANON (2023)

Before beginning a passport application, Lebanese citizens must verify thisJurisdiction Guidelinesto verify whether your country of residence is under the jurisdiction of the Lebanese Embassy (Washington D.C.) or the jurisdiction of the Consulate General (Los Angeles, Detroit or New York).




Please note that all passportsapplicationsYou must present yourself at the embassy three months before the expiry date of the current passport.

The Embassy is not responsible for travel delays to Lebanon or immigration issues due to personal negligence.

There are two ways to apply for a Lebanese passport replacement:

Diplomatic bag:Applications for new passports are sent to Lebanon by diplomatic mail and returned to the embassy the same way. It usually takes up to three months from the day the application is sent to Lebanon.

With this method, note the following:

  • The status of the request cannot be tracked. As soon as we have received your Lebanese passport we will notify you.
  • Not recommended for people in a hurry to get a new passport.
  • Once shipped to Lebanon, the process cannot be reversed (reversed).

Express-Service:In order to expedite the process of obtaining a Lebanese passport, the Lebanese General Directorate of General Security has allowed DHL's FastTrack service to process the delivery of the passport application. This service is optional; It is paid by the interested party (approx. 91 USD) and is available on the following website: It takes around 4-8 weeks from the day the application is sent to Lebanon and NOT from the day you send us your first set of documents.

(Video) The US Embassy is closed in Lebanon

With this method, note the following:

  • Payment for DHL service can only be done online and through DHL website (it is not possible to pay DHL fees through Embassy).
  • Make sure you have selected the correct country and embassy or consulate, then click Main Menu Passport (Round Trip) for Lebanese OR Main Menu Travel Document (Round Trip) for Palestinian Travel Documents and drive away.
  • If you are applying for more than one applicant, be sure to click Add Applicant on the DHL application page.
  • If you receive an "Invalid document type" error message when checking out, contact your bank and also try clearing your browser's cookies. As this is an international transaction, there is a chance that your credit/debit card may be declined. Most of the time, the payment problem is solved after contacting the bank. Be sure to use the billing address from the credit/debit card and not the embassy address. This website is controlled by DHL and not the Embassy.
  • When the payment is completed, print out the DHL PDF file and send it along with your completed application documents. If you do not send your DHL PDF file, your application will be sent by diplomatic mail.
  • You will receive email updates from DHL once the application has been sent to Lebanon and received by the embassy. DO NOT contact the embassy to receive shipping updates from DHL. Always check your email for updates from DHL. If your application is in Lebanon, it goes to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants General Security and then it is sent to DHL.
  • Once you receive a notification from DHL that your passport has been returned to the Lebanese Embassy, ​​please allow 3 business days for processing before sending it to your address.
  • For refunds due to payment request error after payment or other reasons, you are asked to search DHL website for refund.

Requirements for obtaining a replacement Lebanese passport

The following requirements can be completed by mail or in person at the Embassy:

  1. completenew passport application
  2. Two recent passport photos (35mm to 45mm) showing full facial details against a white background. (The dimensions of the photos can be adjusted at the embassy
  3. Original passport and 2 copies of the first page of the passport
  4. Two copies of Lebanese ID card or two copies of individual registration (Directed by restriction an individual). For minors, a family register (Directed by restriction trusted) necessary
  5. A copy of the applicant's visa or U.S. ID card.
  6. A money order payable to: “The Embassy of Lebanon” in the amount of:

    ⧠5 years (machine readable or biometric): $300

    ⧠10 Years (Biometrics Only – Adults Only): $600

  7. Two trackable USPS (UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE ONLY) prepaid return address large enough to hold your documents without folding in half (9" x 12" or larger) (Personal applicants can skip this step)
  8. Printed DHL file (only when express service is selected).

Please send it to the following address:

Embassy of Lebanon

Be carefulion: passport department

2560 28. ST NOROESTE

Washington DC, 2008

Once the required documents are received, the embassy will mail the forms within 3-5 business days using their return envelope.

(Video) EE ID renewal Ethiopian embassy passport renewal.

NB: Forreplace a lost passport,You are kindly requested to submit the same documents as above, plus aPolice report of Lebanese passport lost and copy of lost passport if available.

For further questions please visit our FAQ section below and if your question is still not answered email us at or call us Monday to Friday excluding holidays on 2029396306 / 2029396309

Frequently asked questions:

>I am traveling to Lebanon in a week, I do not have time to apply for a new passport, am I eligible for a handwritten extension?

A handwritten extension is no longer possible at the embassy. All Lebanese citizens are advised to apply for a new passport three months before their passport expiry date.

>My tracking shows that the initial steps I submitted for a new passport have been completed. When can I expect the application?

Once you have confirmed that your First Step documents have arrived at the embassy (according to your tracking number), please allow the embassy approximately 5 business days to send your documents using the self-addressed envelope you provided.

Please check the tracking number on your return labels approximately 5 business days after the requirements for the first step are received.

>I submitted my application via DHL but it has been over 5 weeks and my DHL tracking information shows it is still in Lebanon. Do I have to do this?

In rare cases, passports in Lebanon can be delayed. The Lebanese General Directorate of Security is making efforts to process DHL passports as a priority. Please check your email for updates from DHL. The embassy cannot give you any updates regarding your passport.

>I received a notification from DHL that my passport has been delivered at the embassy. What should i do next?

(Video) Lebanese Passport at the Lebanese Embassy in Canada.

All passports received from Lebanon must be registered at the embassy. Please allow 3 business days for your passport to be sent to your address. Please keep your return envelope. If you have already sent us your old passport plus 2 return envelopes, you do not need to do anything else. The passport department will automatically validate your old passport and send it back with your new passport in the self-addressed envelope you provided.

If you have not provided the passport department with a second self-addressed envelope and your old passport, please send them to the embassy when DHL confirms your new passport has been delivered to Washington DC. Please note that the embassy cannot issue your new passport without first canceling your old passport.

>Will my application be processed faster if I come in person?

Yes, because it is not necessary to go to the notary and the application is filled out on site. Personal applicants are freed from a trip to the notary and save time by not having to send mail.

>I live in a state that is not under your jurisdiction. Can I do this through the Embassy in DC?

No, unless the Consulate General in your jurisdiction to which you belong is on leave and unable to sign.

>I can't communicate with other consulates in the United States, what should I do?

We recommend that you email them as we cannot contact them on your behalf. For complaints you can send an email to

>I have the navy blue passport and would like the new biometric passport

Biometric passports are only available in Lebanon. The only way to get a biometric passport from the embassy is to have previously obtained a biometric passport in Lebanon.

>I have a Lebanese passport but I don't know if it's biometric or not.

(Video) Countries that i can travel to with a Lebanon passport in 2021

Machine-readable passport numbers (navy blue) are prefixed with RL. Biometric passports have a chip (outside) and the passport numbers are preceded by LR.

>I can't find a notary to certify my documents

In very rare situations, a notary may not accept your documents. It's up to you to find a notary in your area. The embassy cannot recommend a public notary for you.

>Is a biometric passport mandatory?

No. Navy machine-readable passports are still valid and accepted at all airports.

>Can I request the Lebanese ID through the embassy?

Applying for the Lebanese ID card can only be done in Lebanon.

>My tracking number is not updated in the system. Do I have to do this?

Please contact the shipping company as the embassy cannot track undelivered packages.

>Can I send an untraceable envelope (stamps only)?

Yes, but the embassy is not responsible for lost packages.


>I sent my application to the embassy. However, I need my passport back. Can I get my current passport back as this is my only ID in the US or do I have to wait for my new passport to arrive in the mail?

It is recommended to keep the passport at the embassy as your current passport will need to be validated once the new passport arrives from Lebanon. However, you can add a note to your paperwork that you need your passport back and we will return it to you. We would still have to cancel it before we give you the new pass.


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