Post Office in Brentwood, CA (2023)

Brentwood Post Office

Eichenstr. 18,Brentwood,CA 94513

the contact number

TTY: 877-889-2457
Toll Free: 1-800-Ask-USPS® (275-8777)

store opening hours

Lobby opening hours
Mailbox access available

Montag24 hours
Tuesday24 hours
Wednesday24 hours
Thursday24 hours
Freitag24 hours
Saturday 24 hours
Domingo24 hours

Latest collection times

Saturday 4 pm

Opening hours for passport scheduling*

Montag9h00 - 15h00
Tuesday9h00 - 15h00
Wednesday9h00 - 15h00
Thursday9h00 - 15h00
Freitag9h00 - 15h00
Saturday Closed

  • visit ourPass-FAQPage for a complete rundown of what to bring, what you need to know, and how long it will take.
  • You need two IDs with copies.
  • A quality passport photo. Available locally.
  • Printed and completed the appropriate application form and required fee for application or renewal.
  • Current costs, information and forms can be found atDepartment of State Travel Page

*An appointment is required to apply for or renew US passports. Please call oro plano on-line.

Acceptance times for mass mailing

Montag10h00 - 15h00
Tuesday10h00 - 15h00
Wednesday10h00 - 15h00
Thursday10h00 - 15h00
Freitag10h00 - 15h00
Saturday Closed

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  • Opening hours for passport scheduling

visit ourleft sidefor scheduling holidays, change of address, holding/stopping mail delivery, PO box rent and fees, and available jobs.

*Please call to verify information. Something is wrong?let us know here

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(Video) Protest at USPS Brentwood

Post Office in Brentwood, CA (1)


They were nice on the phone and the operator may not have been involved. Someone takes my mail, including w2, and leaves it on the windshield of the car in front of the gate. I'm curious as to why the emails show up on individual USPS summaries but were never delivered to the mailbox but were left in the car 2 weeks later. Please help solve this puzzle. Thanks


Post Office in Brentwood, CA (2)

Dylan Stewart


I would like my birthday cards to be mailed


Post Office in Brentwood, CA (3)

triple A

Happy Birthday my friend

• Dylan Stewart replied

Post Office in Brentwood, CA (4)

[Email protected]


Question: If a car is parked in front of a mailbox, can the USPS skip mail? Located in Brentwood, California


(Video) Brentwood Police Department! 1st Amendment Audit!

Post Office in Brentwood, CA (5)


The Brentwood Post Office is dirty and dirty. All the efforts of the kind postmaster were virtually ignored. I made two complaints last year and the janitor was authorized for a Sunday to thoroughly clean the dead flies from the windows, clean the floors and counters. For the first time... it's horrible that no help is endangering the team and the public. I have pictures of the dingy and filthy ones, the authorities should appoint regular janitors. The floors and counters are full of germs and dirty. Dead flies and visible debris at the entrance. doors


Post Office in Brentwood, CA (6)

Audrey M. Madsen


I live in Summerset One and would like you to know that your postman is not good at delivering mail in this area. I got mail from my neighbor last week, she got mail from another neighbor, and today I got mail from three of my neighbors plus mine. Seeing this view, I noticed that you have received other similar complaints. Some training or discipline has to take place.


Post Office in Brentwood, CA (7)

Anthony Khalil


The mailbox at Lavender Drive, Brentwood, CA 94513 has been broken for about three weeks. We were told to go downtown to pick up our mail. This is uncomfortable - especially for working people. As far as I know the problem was not reported until I questioned the manager after a week of receiving mail. The user told me when I saw her that she was trying to fix a broken lock herself! And there. This is such bad service. Fix the box or deliver the mail to our home by hand. This is not acceptable


Post Office in Brentwood, CA (8)

Peter P. Serino


lost packet


(Video) FOUND GOLD COINS AND CASH AT POST OFFICE! Made A HUGE Donation :) Donating To Homeless

Post Office in Brentwood, CA (9)

Marquita e Michael Merritt


The Brentwood Post Office offers the most terrible service ever. I can't get my husband's heart monitor out of the service box because the 1PD KEY is stuck[Email protected]It's been like this for 4 years and the box hasn't[Email protected]PLUS, I keep getting mail from the previous tenant - for 4 years. Our normal postman never does that - but once you change it, they can't READ it!


Post Office in Brentwood, CA (10)


Where is form d to apply for my passport for 94513? I called POff, they said to do it online. Thanks


Post Office in Brentwood, CA (11)

Patricia Trient

I live in Summerset One. On Saturday I received mail for two other houses, one several blocks away. Please rate carefully. Thank you very much.


Post Office in Brentwood, CA (12)



I will NEVER use Brentwood USPS to ship items. During the year I send small packages and if I'm not sending them as a priority, this mail will be held for days until they feel like sending it. Last week, 5/30/17, I dropped off six packages in front of the post office in the inner drop box around 8:30am. These packages were only scanned into the system after 11 pm on the same day. Today, 6/5/17, I asked my mother to bring a package to be scanned to ensure it was scanned before 11am. The receptionist told her (my mother) that they charge a fee if they have to scan a package while the customer is there. When I called another local post office they had never heard of anything like this. Current employees should be retrained or retired to have more efficient employees!


(Video) What a USPS distribution center looks like during Christmastime

Post Office in Brentwood, CA (13)

Margot pais

We held our correspondence from 3/4/17 to 3/15/17. Mail was stuffed in the mailbox with a few small packages and we couldn't even close the lid of our mailbox because the mail was so full. Some of the larger packages were on our doorstep. I know our postman would never do that. I had to drive twice to our box to empty it. Our normal postman would never do this if we had held up the mail before he brought it to us in a box and rang the bell. I am very disappointed with the way this was handled. margot


Post Office in Brentwood, CA (14)

Scott Bartlett

I received an inquiry email that I was supposed to receive, it never arrived yesterday when I checked the email, but then my friend said that the email reached my house at 3:45 pm, but we never received anything. The address is correct and may still be in the mail that went out yesterday


Post Office in Brentwood, CA (15)


The weekend staff is good. However, the morning staff are the worst during the week. They are unfriendly, lazy and rude. The people at the window don't want to help when picking up the vacation, you have to keep knocking on the door because the bell is broken. Very sad I have to go to this location for pick up because of my zip code. I hope they can be a little nicer and work better.


Post Office in Brentwood, CA (16)



Be careful. This location does not respond to electronic requests for leave or temporary reassignment.


(Video) First Amendment Audit Fail: The Worst Post Office Ever!


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