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Post Office in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (1)


My best friend shipped 3 Easter eggs in April 2020 and it took 8 weeks to arrive. Philadelphia's postal system is atrocious


Post Office in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (2)

Saira Jahan Haque

A package was supposed to arrive days ago and is still in the Philadelphia distribution center. It's been there since JULY 6TH, TODAY IS JULY 11TH. If I do not receive my package containing $100 worth of clothing by this Friday, July 15th, I will open an investigation. If anyone can give me an update that would be wonderful, if not I promise I will launch an investigation. My tracking number is 9405511108033880243768


Post Office in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (3)


No one answers the phone, ever. This post office has the wrong address for my condo and I don't know how to correct it. Kafkaesque bureaucratic disorder.


Post Office in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (4)



April is fantastic! I visited her location yesterday, September 23rd, and she took charge of all the installations herself. He has a vibrant and kind personality and he made me laugh. Prestige!


Post Office in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (5)

world traveler75

I sent a certified return receipt requested letter from Central NJ to Geneva, Switzerland on 09/08/21. Typically, when I send letters to Switzerland this way, they go through a postal processing facility in New York near JFK Airport. The letter passed through a facility in Trenton, NJ on 8/10 and arrived at Philadelphia 19190 in the early morning of 8/11. The repeated check on the website does not contain further information on the whereabouts of the letter filed on 8/17/21. The cost to post this registered letter with return receipt requested was $21.65. The cost of service received is unacceptable. I filed a report with the USPS to initiate a tracking and was told to wait 30 days. If I didn't hear it, I need to call the USPS again for an update. I'm not optimistic about getting a resolution. Since it is an urgent document, I have to resort to getting another document notarized, sending it from the local post office as standard international first class mail to a relative in Switzerland, and sending it from the post office in your city to Geneva using Swiss post. Certified mail postal service / with acknowledgment of receipt. That way, the family member can scan the confirmation and email it so I have proof that the document was received on the specified date. This isn't the first incident of poor performance I've experienced with the USPS. If the current board and postal administration are unable to resolve ongoing performance issues, it may be time to investigate the feasibility of privatizing the postal service.


(Video) Pennsylvania post office drop box hit dozens of times by thieves looking for money, checks

Post Office in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (6)

scott beil

I have a package to be delivered from this center that hasn't been moved for more than 10 days. I used to be a postman and this type of activity is unacceptable, if this is the new mail it's time to privatize it.


Post Office in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (7)


This courier is HORRIBLE. I've been calling them for 3 days now trying to find an amazon package! They need a new management STAT!


Post Office in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (8)

Evelyn Lambdon


The main post office in Philly is absolutely horrible! Mail sent from South Jersey takes 5-14 days or more to be delivered. Some are NEVER delivered. No more Christmas rush, no more elections, something needs to be investigated in this establishment.


Post Office in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (9)

Saqib Khan


A package was shipped to me from New Jersey, USA to Canada. The tracking number shows that the delivery was complete, but it was delivered to PHILADELPHIA, PA 19190. Is this the final destination or is this a location I will be shipping from? Will I be able to track new updates when they are pushed out? Also, I can't find a contact number for this location. I would really appreciate any info/help!


Post Office in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (10)



My package says it was delivered at 19190, which is the second time this has happened, the first time I have sent someone a package and now I am receiving a package. Send my packages to Bensalem pa 19020, not Philadelphia pa 19190.


Post Office in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (11)

pearl ahmed


I paid for certified mail on 1/15/2021 and yet my package is at the US Post Office in Philadelphia, PA 19190. I have called them over 15 times but they never answer the phone. Their hours are until 9 pm, but no one answers the calls. My package was supposed to be delivered on 4/10/2021 and it's been stuck at the Philadelphia post office for no reason. What's the deal? Who is supervising? This is unacceptable and is very upsetting. This is a horrible place to mail packages. Please contact me ASAP!!!


Post Office in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (12)

Certified mail sent 3/12/21 from Wilmington DE still circulating through Phila


Paid by certified mail on 3/11. Still floating around Phila Regional Post Office for 6 weeks. What's the deal. Who is supervising. My tax information was lost


Post Office in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (13)

Donald and Tiberius

(Video) 30th Street Main Post Office

I would like to inquire about a mailbox assigned to McCormick v DeVry University PO Box 7237. I would like to know if this mailbox is still active: in your records. Can I be contacted by email by sending it to[email protected]or you can call me at 937-912-5668.


Post Office in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (14)

Laura Robbins

I submitted my passport renewal via Priority Mail on Tuesday 3/9; going from New York to the Philadelphia Passport Processing Center. For a week there was no information other than "in transit/overdue". Over the past week, he's been in and out of various Philadelphia regional and distribution locations. Tomorrow will be three weeks and it's still in limbo. I started a service request inquiry and have been waiting to hear anything since last Friday at 7am. Nothing yet . This is unforgivable!


Post Office in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (15)

Judy Pearson

I cringe every time I see my packages are in Philadelphia! I have 2 packages now, 1 was supposed to be delivered to me on Friday, 3/19 and it's been sitting at the Philadelphia post office since 3/16 and hasn't moved since. The other package was supposed to arrive on 3/22/2021 and has been in Philadelphia since 3/18/2021. And the USPS cries because people don't use it anymore. They are really terrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!


Post Office in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (16)

Tyler Schadt


I think this USPS location is the worst. I almost never have problems except in PHILADELPHIA. Get your business loss shit together. Your people are not good at their jobs or the operation is a disaster!


Post Office in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (17)

dale spencer


I sent a Christmas package on December 7th to my family in Philadelphia. It hasn't been delivered yet. What do I have to do?? it's lost?? Stolen?? This is very annoying and I'm lost.


Post Office in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (18)

Alexandra Maria Merante

I did the same and still haven't received it. So sad 😭

• Reply to Dale Spencer

Post Office in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (19)

Boni Holt

I received a package shipped to Doylestown PA on 12/29/20 from W Berlin NJ. He has since been to Chicago Il, Oak Park Il, Belmar NJ, Philly, Sellersville PA and returned to Philly on 12/1/21. Since then I have not been able to get an update on the tracking number and no response from the Philadelphia Post Office. What's going on and stop blaming Covid.


Post Office in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (20)

Jane Beebe-Hill


I'm from Ohio. Not sure if this is the main terminal for the United States Postal Service of Pennsylvania. I sent several mails to Pennsylvania addresses. They didn't reach their destinations. There are no tracking numbers. These are bills that need to be paid and I have now been charged late fees. How can this be sped up? Does your mail move across your state every day? Is there any lag issue? I'm worried about it. Thanks.


Post Office in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (21)




(Video) Abandoned United States Post Office - New Castle, Pa


Post Office in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (22)


The clerk at 720 Arch Street in Philadelphia wore a forehead protector but no mask, and when I asked her to put the mask on, she declined, saying, "Who are you? You think you work for the CDC?" ."


Post Office in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (23)


He sent ten packages at this post office, putting them in the mailbox on Monday. On Friday none of the packages were scanned, I went to find out where my packages were, the box was rude, said he didn't know and that I didn't need to go there to find out where my ten packages were. This post office needs better management, better people and a better mail management system. I don't know if the ten packages were lost or simply stolen.


Post Office in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (24)



Who do you contact to make a complaint that doesn't fall on deaf ears? I've had some complaints about the way my mail has been delivered lately, but I can never get through to anyone. I don't see anything but a phone number (which I'm pretty sure no one answers), and that's very frustrating! The USPS needs to get stronger!


Post Office in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (25)

[email protected]


The US Post Office has been left subject to people who are too incompetent to work anywhere else. Last year I only received mail 2-3 times a week, if that. In the last month, I've had 5 packages delivered 1-4 weeks past their supposed delivery dates. A package went from Ohio to Des Moins for 8 days before reaching Pennsylvania, can you explain this to me? You drive the opposite distance across the country and then leave it there for 8 days. I filed multiple claims and NEVER did a single thing to ANY of the claims. Just appalling what the US Post Office has done to degrade their services.


Post Office in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (26)

trudy pavo real

I walk to the mailbox at West Phila 56th and Lansdowne Avenue. City Hall has been repairing the tram tracks and curves for over a month. Note the mailbox on a thick piece of concrete 20 feet from the curb that has already been repaired. So I wondered if this mailbox would be deleted. My question has been answered. when you removed the mailbox today. Why, why are so many seniors walking towards that box... SMH😔


Post Office in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (27)

Anthony Parente Parade PTF Barnstead PO


I am having an issue with a package for one of my customers who is on your premises..............Office # 603-435-8853Thanks Tony P.


Post Office in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (28)

for paul


This post office at 3000 Chestnut St. Philadelphia has so many problems. They had never answered the phone. Also, reception hours should be 24 hours so that people can access their mailboxes and also use the self-service mail features even after the windows are closed. Came a long way to arrive around 12:30. m. on Aug 9th and found the doors were locked. He couldn't even access the lobby from anywhere. I walked to the other side of the post office and that door wasn't available either. It is clearly supposed to be accessible 24 hours. really awful. What is being done with these problems? I await your response.


Post Office in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (29)

taylor heard


I am waiting for my unemployment information at Frisbee Crossing Apartments and I haven't received any correspondence in the last week. At first I thought it was because no one was emailing, but then I remembered my unemployment information was coming in. correspondence. It hasn't arrived yet and I was supposed to receive it 3 days ago. I do not know what happened. But we need a postman here as soon as possible.

(Video) USPS New CCA's Need To Watch This Now!!!


Post Office in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (30)

small business line

I scheduled a collection and the post office did not pick it up. There is no way to talk to a person. If I ran my business that way, I would be out of business. But then again, I can't just ask for money I have to hand over, no pun intended.


Post Office in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (31)

craig of may

Please watch this video. If you know this guy, report it to the appropriate department, he is a child predator. He should be deported, but he should at least be fired. We cannot allow people like that to go unnoticed on the streets. Here is the video link


Post Office in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (32)

Irma Atiles


The recent postman has been delivering another recipient's mail to my address and mine to someone else's address. The most recent incident occurred yesterday when he delivered a letter from 3923 Glendale to my address at 1201 Haworth Street. I don't know if it's negligence on your part or the post office. However, this is serious business because if the card contains sensitive information and falls into the wrong hands, it can do a lot of damage. This particular email may or may not contain confidential information, but it still appears to be from a bank. I'm waiting for a check and I hope and pray it wasn't delivered to the wrong address. I would appreciate it if you would look into this matter immediately as this is not the first time I have complained about the same issue. Thanks in advance for your cooperation and prompt attention to this matter.


Post Office in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (33)

ricardo thomas


USELESS phone! When calling the number 215-895-8828, no one answers the phone. This occurs over multiple days, multiple attempts, and multiple business hours. The phone goes through a phone tree, lets you wait for the operator (if there really is one) and gives busy signal each time. Not just once or twice or three times, always!


Post Office in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (34)

Judy McAleer

That phone number is useless! I just called this number 11 times. It rang 12 times and gave a busy signal.

• Reply to Richard Thomas

Post Office in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (35)

Diana Manila

a little clarity please... where is the main mail now? Didn't the IRS take over 30th Street?


Post Office in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (36)

Linda Harkins

I've been trying to return 2 money orders I bought for a down payment on a subsidized apartment. I changed my mind about being on 6 gp and no one could give me the money sending me all over town. The most recent one at 720 Arch I found the most unpleasant employee. She seemed to be a speed freak or something. He said to go to 30th and Chestnut Street. I tried calling there several times before driving all the way but no one picks up the phone. Their hours are until 9 but they don't pick up. I don't want to drive there if they can't. Please let me know what to do. I'm still waiting for another one after the 23rd. I don't want to go through all that again. They were all great up until bow 720. The young man at the counter was fine but had just opened and told me to go to the rude lady. One is for 285. and the other is 250. What I'm expecting is 241. I find it hard to believe in the middle of downtown with all the deals that nobody can charge. 9th and Dickerson 2nd and Snyder Frankford Ave near Berks 3rd and Market 6th and Chestnut and finally 720 Arch St. Tell me where to go from here. My Uncle Ned worked for the post office for years and was the Postmaster of Pittsburg for 6 years. I don't think he would tolerate customer service agents being rude to customers. Thanks Linda Harkins


Post Office in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (37)

Of flowers


On the back of the payment order, write - not used for its intended purpose. You can sign it like a check and deposit it into your account or return it to the post office, we hope you have the receipt. Postal orders will not expire.

• Replyed to Linda Harkins


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