The 23 Best Dutch Drinks (Including Secret Menu) (2023)

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Check out the most popular drinks at Dutch Bros (including a secret menu). From rebels to cold beers, this list will help you figure out what to try next!

The 23 Best Dutch Drinks (Including Secret Menu) (1)

Want to try a new Dutch Bros drink but don't know what to buy? To help you decide, here's a list of the most popular and best drinks, including those on the regular menu and the secret menu.

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How to order Dutch Bros drinks

Always order drinks in this order:

1. Drink size

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  • Kinder:10 ounces (hot and cold)
    Available only for Kids Drinks: Dutch Frosts, Smoothies, Dutch Lemonades and Not So Hots (chocolate milk frothed to a warm temperature for kids).
  • Klein:12 ounces hot, 16 ounces frozen and mixed
  • Quite:16 ounces hot, 24 ounces frozen and mixed
  • Grande:20 ounces hot, 32 ounces frozen and mixed

2. Hot, Frozen, Mixed or Roasted
Most drinks can be brewed hot, chilled, mixed, and some cold drinks are toasted (hot).

3. Name of the drink
The name of the drink lets the broista (Dutch bros barista) know which syrups and flavors your drink needs. Secret menu drinks can be ordered by name!

4. Customization (milk, syrup, espresso type, toppings)
Now order: half coffee, decaf, cuban, white coffee, alternative milk, soft top, drizzle, sprinkles, extra spoon of syrup, unsweetened syrup, etc. , their characteristic half-and-half mixture is used.

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Common Customizations

coffee options
Dutch Bros has a whole range of coffee options and any of them can be used in place of their regular Private Reserve espresso blend.

  • Decaffeinated
  • Cafe Halbes
  • white coffee
    Lightly roasted and with more caffeine.
  • Domino
    Half white coffee and half regular espresso.
  • Cuban
    The sugar packet is added between puffs of regular espresso.
  • fireball
    Double Cuban with cinnamon, which is also added between shots of espresso.


  • Kick Me Mix (half and half mix)
    Dutch Bros includes their Kick Me Mix in their latte drinks as standard.
  • 2 % Leite
  • fat free milk
  • chocolate milk
  • heavy whip
  • Coconut milk
  • Hafermilch
  • almond milk
  • NOTE: They no longer offer soy milk.

ice options

  • more ice cream
  • less ice
  • without ice
    They leave out the ice so you can add yours after the drink is done. You basically have half a drink as there is still room for ice.
  • cold to
    A less common adaptation, but if you prefer no ice in your cold drink and are still full to the brim, ask for a "cold pour". A surcharge may apply.

This is a topping you can add to any cold drink. This is lightly whipped buttercold foamthat Starbucks.

picture book
When you order a drink, Picture Perfect adds whipped cream with a chocolate and caramel drizzle.

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As sugar-free as possible
There are the year-round popular sugar-free syrup flavors (like vanilla, caramel, and chocolate), and sometimes seasonal ones. When ordering a drink, if you want Broista to use as many sugar-free options as possible, which may contain syrups in the drink, just say "Make it as sugar-free as possible".

not so hot temperature
Hot drinks can be steamed at a lower temperature (100ºF) by asking for the drink to be "not too hot" or the temperature of children.

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The 23 best Dutch Bros drinks

Medium is the standard size for all drinks.

23. Snickerdoodle
Chocolate macadamia nut, white chocolate and cinnamon, topped with cinnamon sprinkles, this drink tastes almost like a Snickerdoodle cookie. It is commonly ordered as a freeze rather than a hot or iced brief, and is popularly topped with soft top or whipped cream.

22. Palmenstrand
Pomegranate and peach syrup are combined, usually in chilled lemonade or blended together. Try it with green or black tea for a caffeine boost on a hot day.

21. White Chocolate Chai
The most popular flavor for a Dutch Bros Chai is white chocolate syrup. Usually made with a 2% milk and chai blend, it can be customized with Party Works, which consists of whipped cream and cinnamon sprinkles (cinnamon + nutmeg). Similar to a Christmas morning, which is the same chai but creamier with half and half instead of 2% milk.

20. Secondary tremor
A very popular secret menu drink made from strawberries, blackberries, red raspberries and lemon, especially in the summer months. It's usually ordered as a chilled or blended Rebel for those looking for a caffeine hit, or as a decaffeinated lemonade.

19. And gummy bears
A balanced combination of pomegranate, passion fruit, watermelon and grapefruit. A fruity secret menu item usually ordered as a soda or rebel mix. A tasty tweak is to add fluffy topping and/or mango smoothie drizzle.

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18. Rebel Peach Blend
As an alternative to coffee for caffeine, this popular Dutch Bros Rebel uses only peach syrup. Ask for a mix to make it that little bit more special. It can be easily customized with other syrups or soft tops, but it also tastes great on its own.

17. Cotton Candy Ice
Frosts are popular drinks for kids because they are basically milkshakes. Cotton Candy combines blue raspberry and white chocolate to create the classic fairground flavor. Add whipped cream and birthday sprinkles for a pop of color and make it more of a dessert.

16. Americano
A simple coffee consisting of just espresso and water, the Americano comes hot or iced.

15. Cold Beer
Cold brew is usually chilled, but it can also be roasted (hot cold brew!)

14. Hazelnut Truffle Mocha
Originally a seasonal drink, it was so popular that it's on the regular menu. Like any Dutch Bros Mocha, it starts with steamed chocolate milk, hazelnut syrup is added, and topped with smooth frosting and caramel drizzle. Order it with salted caramel to mask the coffee flavor if you like it sweeter.

13. Dragon Slayer
Combines red raspberry and blue raspberry with a blackberry splash. This is usually ordered as a green or black tea, or an iced rebel. Another option is to order it topped with whipped cream.

12. Double Torture
This is a Dutch classic, flavored with vanilla syrup and commonly made as a mocha that uses Dutch Bros chocolate milk. Just like the famous 9-1-1, a Double Torture is an extra drink used to boost caffeine. A medium has 4 espresso shots instead of the usual 2 shots.

11. Strawberry and pineapple
Absolutely delicious with lemonade, it combines strawberry and pineapple syrup. Perfectly balanced between the sweet and fruity syrups and the tart lemonade. It is usually ordered chilled or mixed and is popular during the summer months.

10. Electric Berry
Flavored with blue raspberry and lemon, many people order it as a frozen or mixed lemonade or rebel. Adapt it as a Dutch soda with cream to make it even more special.

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9. White Zombie
From the secret menu and usually ordered as a freeze, it combines vanilla and white chocolate. A popular adaptation is with a soft top and picture perfect (whipped cream with chocolate and caramel sauce on top).

8. Coco
Cocomo, the second most popular mocha, is made with coconut syrup and chocolate milk. Not too sweet with a mild coconut flavor, can be ordered hot or iced.

7. Caramelizer
The most popular mocha on the Dutch Bros menu, this creamy, delicious drink is made with milk chocolate and caramel sauce. Modify it with unsweetened caramel or one of the alternative milks. A popular tweak for those who like a stronger coffee flavor (to retain the flavors but balance out the sweetness) is to order a triple shot. Order the Picture Perfect (whipped cream, chocolate and caramel sauce) for even more flavor.

6. Haiangriff
This drink features coconut, blue raspberry and lime syrup topped with pomegranate drizzle. Usually ordered chilled, as a blended rebel or as a lemonade.

5. 9-1-1
An Irish Cream Brief with plenty of kick. It is famous for its espresso shots, with 6 shots in each drink size. Some take it with white coffee, which is intense as it contains more caffeine per serving than regular espresso. A 9-1-1 with white coffee, no matter the size, has about 407 mg of caffeine.

4. Kicker
This drink is on the Dutch Classics menu and is very popular with Irish Cream lovers. A hot brief made from Irish cream syrup, it can also be ordered chilled or mixed. It is recommended to add caramel flavoring and caramel drizzle. If you like foosball, try the Nutty Irishman Breve (Irish cream and hazelnut) and the White Russian Breve (Irish cream and white chocolate).

3. Annihilator
A super popular macadamia nut chocolate syrup, commonly ordered with white chocolate sauce and/or white coffee. Pairing with white coffee adds more caffeine and a slightly milder coffee flavor to the drink.

2. Perfect Image Freezing
Also known as a way to style any coffee drink, ordering it as a freeze is popular. It's one of the simpler Dutch Bros drinks, but a great option without too much sweetness.

1. Golden eagle
Caramel is a very popular flavor in every coffee shop and this number one drink from Dutch Bros is no exception. Golden Eagle is a caramel macchiato and brief candy with caramel and vanilla sauce and topped with caramel drizzle. It is popular hot or iced. Try it like Golden Eagle Chai.

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