The 4 Best Coffee Drinks at Dutch Bros and 13 Other Favorites (2023)

If you're a coffee drinker, you've probably found your true calling: your coffee shop to satisfy your caffeine cravings.

But there's so much more amazing coffee you're missing out on if you don't venture out.

Dutch Bros is one of the up and coming coffee chains that is not as well established as its former Starbucks and Peet's.

But its popularity is growing for its extremely extensive menu (which includes delicious soft drinks in addition to coffee), its affordable price and friendly service.

In this article, I present my list of the best Dutch Bros coffees to get you started on this up-and-coming coffee chain.

You will be amazed at the unique flavor combinations this brand has created.

table of contents

  1. Best coffee drinks at Dutch Bros
  2. dutch classics
  3. cold beer
  4. Other Favorite Drinks at Dutch Bros
  5. dutch freezing
  6. Blue Rebel Dutch Brothers
  7. dutch frost
  8. Tea
  9. Lemonade
  10. Other drinks from the Dutch brothers
  11. Wrapping up the best drinks at Dutch Bros

Best coffee drinks at Dutch Bros

dutch classics

First, let's take a look at the best of the best among the brand's classics.


If you are a fan ofmocaA delicious drink that features the bold, aromatic kick of espresso, the creamy flavor of milk, and the deep, luscious flavor profile of hot chocolate, coffee will definitely enjoy this drink.

This caramel mocha is made with the brand's signature chocolate milk to produce a richer, stronger drink than typical espresso drinks.

With caramel sauce and whipped cream, a sip of the delicious Caramelizer can satisfy both your nose and your taste buds.

You can order the drink as hot and iced coffee, or blend the ice for a more balanced flavor throughout the cup.


For those looking for something a little crazier, Killer is here to kill your caffeine cravings.

This Dutch Bros coffee drink contains a strong espresso drink and half and half. It's then finished with chocolate macadamia nut sauce to add that nutty, chocolatey hue to the espresso's milky base.

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If you mixed it up, you can also put a few rounds of whipped cream on top for more creaminess and sweetness to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Golden Eagle

Here's another Dutch Bros coffee option for caramel fans.

The Golden Eagle is a vanilla and caramelpresentation. Breve is a coffee drink made with espresso and half and half steamed instead of milk, if you're wondering and at this point you're too scared to ask.

In addition to the main ingredients, vanilla syrup and caramel sauce are also blended into the Golden Eagle Breve to enhance the coffee experience with aromatic and flavorful notes and tones.

And just like the other Dutch Bros drinks I've listed so far, you can enjoy this rundown topped with whipped cream and a drizzle of caramel sauce. It looks good and tastes good!

cold beer

It's the 2020s and almost everyone loves Cold Brew. According toPolitical, is one of the hottest new trends in the US coffee market.

If you're trying to find an alternative to your iced coffee habit,cold beerrepresents an excellent alternative to help you reach your caffeine quota.

white coffee

My top recommendation for Cold Brew Dutch Bros coffee is the White Mocha.

The refreshing and robust taste of Cold Brew is mixed with the brand's exclusive milk chocolate and white chocolate sauce.

The resulting drink is a slightly sweet Dutch Bros coffee with a delicious chocolate undertone.

You can also find a nitro-infused option for more creaminess, lightheadedness, and less tartness. learn more aboutnitro cold beerand its possibilities!

You can also get extra ice to go with Cold Brew drinks at this cafe chain. But if the iced coffee is not enough for you, ask for this flavor to be roasted over the coals.

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Other Favorite Drinks at Dutch Bros

dutch freezing

Fan of frozen mixed drinks? Dutch Freeze has you covered. Here are some of the best Dutch Bros drinks if you like your coffee balanced and sweet with a splash of your favorite flavors.

Perfect photo

Picture Perfect is not only made to make your Instagram feed stand out, but your taste buds as well.

As the name describes, this is definitely one of the flashier drinks at Dutch Bros, with caramel drops and chocolate sauce on the sides.

The caramel and chocolate drizzle mix is ​​also a perfect flavor combination to enhance the flavor of your coffee instead of overshadowing it.

You can enjoy one of the best Dutch Bros menus along with some butterscotch and chocolate shakes and extras.

dutch cannon

Another Freeze Dutch Bros coffee option for you is Dutch Canyon, which offers a variety of types of chocolate: dark and white chocolate and macadamia chocolate. This could very well be a mocha lover's wet dream.

The result is an aromatic drink with subtle hints of sweetness, velvety body, deep chocolate flavor and nutty flavor.

The best Dutch Bros chocolate drink is finally finished off with a caramel drizzle to add a richer, sweeter touch.

Blue Rebel Dutch Brothers

Among the best items on the Dutch Bros menu, energy drinks are actually more popular than you might think.

If one day you feel like consuming caffeine in a form other than regular coffee, check out the Blue Rebel energy drink section and you might find your new vocation.

Shark attack

The best drinks can also be the most striking on the outside.

This colorful energy drink is called Shark Attack and features blue raspberry, coconut and lime flavored syrups and a pomegranate garnish to add color and positivity to your daily routine.

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dutch frost

Looking for smoothies? These classic drinks now come in your favorite flavors, like some of the best Dutch Bros menu items!

Chocolate branco

Here's a mixed white chocolate option for chocolate lovers.

This deliciously sweet drink is basically the daughter of an ice cream shake and a white chocolate bar, taking the consistency of the first and the flavors of the second. Simple but satisfying nonetheless.

Birthday cake

Have you ever dreamed of enjoying your birthday cake in the form of a drink? Here is your dream come true.

Make it your birthday every day with this Dutch Frost Birthday Cake, with white chocolate sauce and almond sauce mixed into your classic milkshake.

Finish it all off with the milkshake and sprinkled confetti for a real sense of celebration.

white zombie

This white zombie mocha uses dark and white chocolate sauce, plus the unique flavor of milk chocolate and vanilla to create a cup of sweet, nutty mocha that will snap you out of your zombie state in the wee hours of the morning.

Some say the flavor combination and presentation are quite similar to Starbucks mocha.


In addition to coffees, smoothies and energy drinks, the brand also sells Italian teas, lemonades and soft drinks. It has caffeine in all shapes and forms to help you get through your day in the best possible way.


The best Dutch Bros tea has to be Tropical Blue.

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The combination of passion fruit, coconut and blue raspberry is always a hit.

In this case, it sweetens and brings a breath of fresh tropical air to the classic green tea or black tea from Paris. Take it with ice to relieve the strenuous heat of a hot summer day.


Palm Beach

Another sweet escape in the form of a drink that will scream relaxation is the deep red Palm Beach lemonade.

Best Dutch Bros lemonade is blended with pomegranate and peach syrups to balance acidity and sweetness on the palate.

Other drinks from the Dutch brothers

Looking for the secret menu? Here are some of the top secret drinks that don't appear on the brand's main website despite all the hype surrounding them.

frozen black forest

Despite the name giving off a dark magic vibe, this cheerful concoction of coffee and vanilla ice cream actually features sweet cherry sauce on top of some dark chocolate sauce.

Sunset Mixer Summer

The only thing missing for you to enjoy your hot summer is this refreshing lemonade.

Regular lemonade is old news. Enjoy with some aromatic coconut milk and real walnuts and strawberries in the mix!

Who needs to stop at the seaside destination when you can find the hot summer right here?

Dutch Crispy Crunch

Looking for something extraordinary to spice up your coffee routine? Have you heard ofcoffee with milk?

Grab a cup of the iced Dutch Crunch Breve, which is served with strawberry, hazelnut and latte instead of the regular dark espresso.

It also gives you an extra dose of caffeine and a brighter, nuttier profile due to being roasted at a lower temperature.

snickers moca

Hungry? Get a Snicker. Don't have a Snicker? Have a Snickers Mocha!

It has all the magic ingredients of a Snicker that makes you so happy, including hazelnut sauce, caramel and dark mocha as an alternative to dark chocolate.

Make smoothies and ice cream and don't let yourself go hungry.

Pumpkin Underpants with Caramel Brûlée

The name is a bit of a stretch, but it describes exactly what you can get!

Why stop at a regular pumpkin spice latte when you can upgrade to a complex flavored abstract of pumpkin, salted caramel?

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Enjoy the drink with a Soft Top, an extra pumpkin drizzle and some granulated sugar too.

Wrapping up the best drinks at Dutch Bros

These are the 17 best drinks indutch brothersfor what i tried. While it takes a bit of driving and queuing to get the drinks, they are definitely worth it.

If you're worried about too much sugar, the brand has sugar-free alternatives to these syrups, so just ask and they'll take care of you.


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