What do sun bears eat? -Eating habits of sun bears (2023)

What do sun bears eat? -Eating habits of sun bears (1)Sun bears are friendly looking bears. Don't be fooled by its friendly appearance, however, as this bear is extremely aggressive! He will attack for no reason.

This makes the sun bear feared by its prey and sometimes even by its predators!

But what are they eating? In this article, we look at what plants and animals the friendly sun bear can eat.


While sun bears are omnivores and have a mixed diet, they primarily eat honey, fruit, lizards, small rodents, small birds, and insects. Sun bears also tend to eat a lot of fruit. Fruit is easily accessible in their rainforest habitat, sun bears live most of their lives in trees - right where most of the fruit is. Sun bears eat a lot of figs, mostly whole ones! They also eat banana, palm, and coconut oil.

However, sometimes the fruit becomes scarce. This is where the omnivore really benefits the honey bear as it can now eat small animals, lizards, small birds or rodents.

These can be easily found by the sun bear in the rainforest, so you won't have to look far for them!

Be warned, sun bears can easily tear a human apart if provoked - although they are mostly reclusive and shy. They live primarily in Southeast Asia and are the only bear breed in the region.

In this article, we'll take a look at what other common foods sun bears can eat, and whether they're dangerous to humans - or can even eat one!

Dietary habits of the sun bear

They are omnivores (although some classify them as carnivores) and will generally eat nothing close to their size, but will occasionally eat a deer. They also have a giant tongue for extracting honey from bee nests - fitting for the nickname "honey bear".

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Sun bears have a remarkably interesting diet. They eat a lot of fruit as their habitat is mostly rainforests in Southeast Asia. They can also easily get hold of fruit, insects, small animals and honey, as they spend most of their lives high up in the trees.

Some sun bears are nocturnal, meaning they mainly hunt their prey at night (very ironic!). This could be a reason why they sometimes eat bigger animals like a deer. Other sun bears, like us, hunt diurnal prey during the day.

What do baby sun bears eat?

Baby sun bears have a diet similar to adult sun bears. However, they eat a lot less because they need less energy and therefore fewer calories. However, sometimes sun bear cubs will not eat small birds or rodents as they may be too big for them. Rather, the “meat” they will primarily focus on is ants, bees, and other insects.

What do Indian sun bears eat?

Indian sun bears typically reside in the Barak Valley. Very rarely will they live in other places like the Himalayas. These bears tend to eat the main foods a sun bear might eat (berries, insects, small birds, etc.).

However, because these bears live with other animals, they may eat larger animals such as deer or larger reptiles.

The sun bear is a rather rare sight in India. In India, the bear mainly lives in the north-eastern part of the country. These bears migrated to India mainly from southeastern areas such as Malaysia or Borneo.

What do sun bears eat?

Malayan Sun Bears is another name for sun bears. The bear got its name as it is a common sight in Southeast Asia (especially Malaysia - hence the name!).

These bears feed on birds, insects, rodents, fruits, etc. They may eat more coconut oil as it is more readily available, and perhaps other fruits such as those grown locally in the rainforests.

What do sun bears eat? -Eating habits of sun bears (2)

What fruits, plants and animals do sun bears eat?

Sun bears are omnivores. They eat plants, vegetables and meat. They live in areas with high flora and fauna; Therefore, they have access to a lot of exotic vegetation. Sun bears get a lot of energy and nutrients from plants, but they need meat for protein and muscle growth.

Do sun bears eat plants and vegetables?

Sun bears eat plants and vegetables as this is part of their staple diet. These bears are omnivores; Therefore, plants and vegetables are a must in your diet.

Plants and vegetables provide bears with essential vitamins and nutrients. However, the bear tends to eat more fruits than plants and vegetables because fruits are extremely accessible.

These bears live in many countries in Southeast Asia such as Cambodia, parts of India and Bangladesh, China and Malaysia. Therefore, the type of plants, fruits and vegetables will vary slightly.

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Do sun bears eat meat?

Sun bears also eat meat. They are omnivores; Hence, they have the enzymes that can break down meat and a strong jaw with flat molars designed for shredding and chewing meat.

That is, when fruit, vegetables or plants are scarce; The sun bear can eat insects, small birds, small reptiles, rodents, and in some cases deer and other animals of a similar size.

A sun bear gets its protein and other energy sources from meat. It is vital to them as meat increases their strength and size. Also, they don't need to hibernate as they can easily hunt their prey in winter (when vegetation growth is low). HHowever, only 5-10% of their diet is meat.

Do sun bears eat bees?

Sun bears love to eat honey. They also love to eat the insects that make their honey! It is a good source of protein for them and usually the bear eats a lot of bees at the same time as they usually attack the hives.

Bees sting the bear, but he never goes out in the sun, he has thick and long fur - that's why it doesn't penetrate the skin. Adult bees may be more protective and try to sting the sun bear's face - however, it cannot match the sun bear's strength and long tongue, which can easily harvest honey and bees from hives.

The sun bear can easily find bees by putting its paws on a tree - hoping something will climb up it. Then the bear licks everything up with its long, rough, thick tongue.

Do sun bears eat honey?

Sun bears eat a lot of honey! An incredible source of energy for them! In fact, its tongue is adapted for licking honey from beehives as it is long and thin.They also have large, sharp claws that they can use to open trees and forage for wild bees and honey.Honey is also sweet for the bear as it contains a lot of natural sugars. A quick burst of energy when the sun bear is on the hunt.

Do sun bears eat coconuts?

Sun bears also eat coconuts as they are common in rainforest habitats. They can easily break them with their sharp claws and maximum strength, and with their large, long tongue, they can quickly lick and suck out the entire contents.

Coconuts are a quick and easy way to provide energy for bears - perfect when chasing prey or being chased by predators! A coconut can be very nutritious and contain good protein. There's the milk and other parts of the refreshing fruit, which is particularly helpful for the bear's digestive system.

Do sun bears eat ants?

Sun bears primarily eat ants when other food options are scarce. Ants are a good source of protein and can easily be consumed in bulk by the honey bear! Ants are very easy to find as they are everywhere! In the trees, on the ground, everywhere! A tiny ant can't stand up to a giant five-foot-tall bear; therefore, the sun bear can eat a lot at once without any complications!

Do sun bears eat grass?

Sun bears only eat grass when other vegetation is scarce. Grass is not as nutritious or as tasty as other plants. Grass is extremely easy for bears to find; However, lawns can sometimes be inhabited by other predators such as lions.

Do sun bears eat fish?

Sun bears rarely eat fish. Although there are many fish in areas close to water in tropical environments, bears do not typically hunt fish as they can be close to other predators.

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Sun bears spend most of their lives in trees, so they probably don't have regular contact with fish. The only reason a sun bear can eat a fish is when other foods are scarce - that's survival instinct. Their body is not adapted for fishing and fishing as these bears spend most of their lives in trees.


sun bears and humans

Sun bears primarily want to avoid humans as much as possible. They are heavily hunted by humans in Southeast Asia and their habitats are constantly being destroyed. However, sun bears can attack humans. Sun bears are strong and have large claws that make it easy for them to grab things and rip everything apart!

Do sun bears eat humans?

Sun bears generally do not eat humans as humans are too large for sun bears to eat and attack. Also, a sun bear probably won't have the enzymes to eat humans since we're not their natural prey.

In some cases, eating people can make the sun terribly sick.

Do sun bears attack humans?

Sun bears can attack a human. Light. Although these bears are very shy and withdrawn - and don't want to interact with humans - they can attack without warning.

Just when you think these sun bears are calm, they can get fierce and ferocious! With their sharp and long claws and frightening weight and super strength, they could easily defeat the strongest of humans!

They will also attack if provoked - especially when they are with their young. These creatures are very defensive and like to protect themselves from predators or anything that might harm them or their young.

Can sun bears kill you?

Yes. Very easily! Once you get into a fight with a sun bear, you're incredibly lucky to get out alive! They can easily tear you apart with their sharp claws at first and rip your guts out! If they don't, they will only pin you to the ground with their weight, which can result in broken bones - especially in the neck area!

Sun bears have deadly whims! They are aggressive and will hold their own! Even if you try to run, these bears will catch up and tear you to pieces!

They won't eat you as such, but they will probably bleed you to death - ready to be eaten by a python or a tiger!

What do sun bears eat? -Eating habits of sun bears (3)

related questions

What does a sun bear eat in captivity?

When a sun bear is kept in captivity (nature parks, research centers, etc.) it will typically eat the same as it would in a rainforest - it just hunts less as the bear is being fed what it needs.

Fruits such as local produce from Southeast Asia or other tropical climate insects/animals may not be available for the sun bear to eat. For example, the Sun Bears raised in America do not have access to produce from the local rainforest unless it is imported.

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Bananas are a common thing that sun bears eat. Nuts, insects, small rodents, etc. are other foods as well. The sun bear may eat less meat in captivity as vegetation is not sparse and meat makes up only 5-10% of its diet.

How long does a sun bear's tongue last?

A bear's tongue is adapted to help the bear extract valuable nutrients from honey, bees, and other insects. The tongue can grow a maximum of 20-25 centimeters. Really extremely long! Its shape can easily absorb nutrients from trees, coconut palms and other vegetation! Their tongue is the longest in bears and one of the longest tongues of any animal in the world.

Was sind Sun Bear Predators?

The sun bear is in an environment full of predators in its rainforest environment. There are big pythons that are supposed to swallow the bear whole!

The bear is hunted by big vicious tigers, big wild birds of prey and huge fearsome snakes. One animal known to prey on bears is pythons. Pythons are thick and difficult to penetrate. The python can easily wrap itself around the sun bear and move its jaws to eat it whole.

Sun bears are also hunted by humans. These animals are endangered as some believe they have medicinal uses. It was reported that no, and this could be a local drug deal. Their organs are valuable to hunters, and these bears are hunted for them.

Additionally, the rapid rate of deforestation means they can easily lose their tree habitat, making them vulnerable to other predators.


Sun bears are omnivores living in Southeast Asia in countries like India, China, Malaysia and Cambodia. These bears are critically endangered and extinct in places like Singapore.

The sun bear eats vegetation and meat. However, meat makes up only 5 to 10 percent of their diet. They live mostly in trees, so they've adapted to this by acquiring a large, long tongue, strong, sharp claws, and a short, agile body.

They are hunted by snakes, tigers, humans and birds of prey. They are very shy and withdrawn, but can be extremely aggressive and will attack at any time!

These bears are easily provoked, especially when they have their cubs with them. They rarely attack humans, but when they do they can easily kill with their strength and long claws.

However, these bears are hunted by humans for their organs (obvious medical benefits that have not been confirmed) and their habitats are being destroyed by deforestation. This is intended to clear the way for cattle breeding and/or illegal logging.

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What do sun bears eat? -Eating habits of sun bears? ›

Sun bears are generalist omnivores. The Indonesian name for sun bears translates to “honey bear.” Their diet includes honey and insects such as bees, bee larvae, termites, ants, and beetle larvae.

What does sun bear eat? ›

Sun bears are excellent climbers and spend considerable time in trees. They feed on sweet fruits, small rodents, birds, termites, and other insects.

What is sun bear favorite food? ›

The omnivorous sun bear relies primarily on fruit and insects to meet its needs. Its front paws and long claws rip open trees in search of insects or sap. Other occasional food choices include small birds, fruit, honey, lizards, rodents, and soft parts of palm trees.

What type of fruit does the sun bear eat? ›

When sun bears eat durian fruit, they ingest the seeds. By traveling to other parts of the forest and defecating those seeds, these animals provide opportunities for seed germination in new areas. Such bear-fruit interactions are important for tree regeneration and forest biodiversity.

What are bears favorite food? ›

Fruit, nuts, honey and other plant parts are favorites of bear. They also eat insects and sometimes fish, but most of their food comes from plants. Bears have an excel- lent sense of smell, and can easily find food using their noses.

Do sun bears eat bugs? ›

Sun bears are generalist omnivores. The Indonesian name for sun bears translates to “honey bear.” Their diet includes honey and insects such as bees, bee larvae, termites, ants, and beetle larvae.

Are sun bears friendly? ›

Sun bears are shy and reclusive animals, and usually do not attack humans unless provoked to do so, or if they are injured or with their cubs; their timid nature led these bears to be tamed often and kept as pets in the past.

Do sun bears eat bananas? ›

Their diet also includes fruits, insects, small mammals, and birds. Malayan sun bears sometimes will damage coconut palm, banana, and cocoa plantations through foraging. They usually are nocturnal creatures.

Does sun bear eat honey? ›

Sun bears chow down insects, leaves, lizards, and berries. But the sun bear's favorite snack is honey. To get the treat, they rip open beehives with their sharp claws. Then the bears use their superlong tongues to extract the honey inside, often gobbling up bees with the sticky sweet.

What is a sun bear weakness? ›

Sun Bears are generally regarded as being C Tier. Even though they use their great Mobility stat to climb trees, their weakness to the fire type destroys their habitats. Sun Bears are also noted for their low intelligence, attacking the S-tier humans for no reason and getting eliminated in the process.

Are sun bears aggressive? ›

Sun bears are known to be very aggressive and may attack without apparent provocation. Except for females with cubs the bears are solitary although there is a suggestion that same may form long-term monogamous relationships.

What is the enemy of sun bear? ›

Predators of Sun Bears include tigers, snakes, and birds of prey.

How smart is a sun bear? ›

Sun Bears Are VERY Smart.

Sun bears are very intelligent animals! They use complex facial movements as a form of communication, they are able to memorize where things are, and they use all of their strength, sense of smell, flexibility, and physical attributes to their utmost advantage.

Do sun bears sleep a lot? ›

The Malayan sun bear is usually a solitary creature, but occasionally also lives in a small group. They spend most of the day sleeping in trees where they build their nests.

Are sun bears intelligent? ›

Sun bears are the smallest existing bear species and live in tropical regions of Southeast Asia. They have an omnivorous diet and use their tongues to forage for insects and sap. Little is known about sun bear cognition, although much like other bear species, anecdotes suggest a high level of intelligence.

What is bears favorite bait? ›

Bears are similar no matter where you live, but the time of year and availability of natural food affect how they respond to bait. Cory said, “My top three favorite baits all of time are trail mix, chewy granola, and cookie dough. I know bears will eat this anywhere.” He also likes them because they can take some rain.

Do bears eat junk food? ›

A team of scientists just studied the diets of 30 female black bears roaming free in Colorado and observed the impact of junk food on their sleep, and ultimately, their overall health. They said the bears' diet was comprised of up to 30% processed food, primarily from poorly managed trash areas.

Do bears prefer meat or fruit? ›

Plant foods make up the majority of a bear's diet – sometimes as much as 90 per cent. However, fish and meat are important sources of protein and fat, though most non-coastal bears rely on carrion (including winter-killed animals).

Can a sun bear hurt you? ›

As elsewhere in Southeast Asia, villagers recognized close encounters with sun bears to be potentially or extremely dangerous [1]. Sun bears are known as fierce animals in its range and would attack humans and inflict serious wounds when surprised in the forests [22].

Do sun bears bite? ›

The sun bear might be the smallest of the eight bear species, but it is still a powerful animal! Its bite is strong enough to tear through tree bark, and long, 4-inch claws are good tools for climbing.

How long does a sun bear live? ›

HOW LONG DO SUN BEARS LIVE? While sun bears have been recorded living up to 30 years old in captivity, their average lifespan is estimated to be around 25 years old.

Do snakes eat sun bears? ›

Pythons and boas, large snakes that constrict their prey, are known for their ambitious appetites: Indonesia's reticulated pythons can take down and eat slow lorises, sun bears, and even adult Sulawesi pigs, which weigh between 90 and 150 pounds.

Are sun bears color blind? ›

Studies indicate that bears do see in color.

What fruit do bears love? ›

These include fruits of various currants, wild sarsaparilla, dogwoods, strawberries, raspberries, pin and chokecherries, blueberries, and bristly sarsaparilla. In fall, hazelnuts, mountain ash, acorns and beechnuts are favoured foods.

What is a bear favorite fruit? ›

A black bear will feed on strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, dogwoods, chokecherries, and wild sarsaparilla. It will also turn to ants, wasps, and bumblebees for protein. As mentioned, bears will try to pack as much fat as possible during fall.

Do bears like hummingbird food? ›

Bears. Ursids are mostly attracted to generic feeders stocked with pungent foods like suet or sunflower seeds. But when bears come across hummingbird feeders, the omnivories will knock them down and snack on the sugar water.

Can sun bears swim? ›

Sun bears are also efficient swimmers. They are shy and reclusive animals, and usually do not attack humans unless provoked to do so, or if they are injured or with their cubs; their timid nature led these bears to be tamed often and kept as pets in the past.

Why are sun bears tongues so long? ›

Their long tongues are used to reach insects in tight spaces and clean out honey from beehives. A sun bear's tongue can be 8-10 inches long. They have long, sickle-shaped claws used for foraging and climbing trees.

Do sun bears eat coconuts? ›

Their homelands are being lost rapidly to deforestation, poachers hunt them mercilessly for body parts and fur, and some farmers kill them on site because they often eat crops such as oil palm, coconuts, and bananas. Adult females are also frequently killed so their cubs can be taken and raised as pets.

What is the most angry bear? ›

Some species are more aggressive than others; sloth bears, Asiatic black bears, and brown bears are more likely to injure people than other species, and the American black bear is comparatively timid.

What is the rarest bear on earth? ›

Marsican bears are the rarest bears on earth. There are only 50-60 of them alive today. Their diet consists mainly of plants and they like apples, pears, prunes, tubers, roots, fungi, and berries although they will also hunt small animals and insects as well.

Why do sun bears walk? ›

Due to their inward-facing feet, sun bears have a distinctive pigeon-toed walk which serves as a clue to their arboreal lifestyle. These bears are primarily nocturnal and frequently spend their time during the day resting or sunbathing in trees, sometimes even on platforms they make out of branches and leaves.

What are the top 3 most aggressive bears? ›

Grizzly and polar bears are the most dangerous, but Eurasian brown bears and American black bears have also been known to attack humans. Some species depredate livestock on occasion, and some bears, such as Asiatic and American black bears, may destroy fruit or other crops, especially corn.

Is a bear stronger than a gorilla? ›

The gorilla and grizzly have a relatively similar bite strength, but the bear's build makes it harder for a gorilla's bite to be equally as effective. The gorilla's biggest advantage is its spry movement, whereas the grizzly's primary advantage is its claws. The grizzly is larger, but the gorilla is stronger.

Who is the strongest bear character? ›

Bamse is not only the strongest bear in the world, but also the kindest, often repeating his slogan "Nobody gets better from being beaten".

Can a human beat a sun bear in a fight? ›

The human, with no weapons, doesn't stand a chance against a grown bear. And neither would stand a chance against a well built and programmed robot.

What is bears worst enemy? ›

Bear Predators: Coyotes

Like bobcats, coyotes, without a doubt, are no match for bears. Coyotes can only threaten bear cubs, especially when they are in their numbers. They mostly go after bear cubs that are not well protected.

Is Moon bear same as sun bear? ›

Description: The sun bear, which is the smallest of the living bear species, can be identified by its short, sleek coat and light-colored muzzle. It also has a cream-colored, crescent-shaped chest blaze similar to that of the Asiatic black bear. Thus the two species are commonly called moon bears and sun bears.

What is the smartest bear in the world? ›

Grizzly bears are among the most intelligent animals in North America and the world.

What is bear IQ? ›

Bear IQ is the industry's most advanced events analytics platform. Designed with today's event organizer in mind, the Bear IQ platform is fast, intuitive, predictive, and drives critical event intelligence across marketing, content, and exhibitions.

Do sun bears hibernate in winter? ›

Due to the warm climate and year-round food supply, sun bears do not hibernate. Agile climbers, they spend the daylight hours in trees, sunbathing and sleeping.

Why do sun bears climb trees? ›

Climbing is a skill most often associated with primates, but sun bears are also arboreal. They often climb trees in order to forage for food, protect themselves from predators or to rest and sleep on the branches.

Why are sun bears so skinny? ›

the sun bear has bizarrely humanlike limbs because, living in a hot tropical environment, they have no need for the enormous fat reserves of the temperate bears! this makes their bodies a LOT thinner and really screws up their proportions.

Are sun bears blind and deaf? ›

☀️ 🐻 💕 Did you know - Sun Bear cubs are born blind, deaf (hearing is gained within six weeks) and hairless. It takes two months before the young can walk, they are weaned at 4 months and they will remain with their mother until maturity at about 2-3 years of age.

Are bears smarter or dogs? ›

Zookeepers and animal trainers consider bears to be smarter than dogs. The bear's cunning is legendary when it comes to guarding itself against danger from hunters and poachers. The animal's uncanny ability to evade human predators during hunting season could almost be considered forethought.

Do bears have tongues? ›

All bears have very long tongues that they use to extract insects from nests almost like an anteater. Some individuals will eat small prey like mice and birds.

Can you keep a sun bear as a pet? ›

In addition, there are international laws like CITES (Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species) prohibit any illegal trade of sun bears and their parts between countries. In short, YOU CANNOT OWN A SUN BEAR AS PET!

Do sun bears make good pets? ›

Baby sun bears are extremely small and cute, which makes them a target for the exotic pet trade. Often, mother bears are killed and the baby bears are kept as pets. Keeping a sun bear as a pet is cruel, for they live a horrible life behind bars, kept in chains and cages.

What is the friendliest bear? ›

Black bears, for instance, are usually less aggressive and more tolerant of people. They often live near human settlements, whereas grizzly bears prefer to stay away from human settlements and are often extirpated from heavily used or populated areas.

How much does a sun bear cost? ›

Starting from $199, Sun Bear is priced reasonably and is most advisable for any company. Sun Bear can be deployed in the cloud.

Do sun bears have good smell? ›

Sun bears have an incredible sense of smell, thought to be several thousand times better than that of humans.

Do sun bears get stung by bees? ›

To get the treat, they rip open beehives with their sharp claws. Then the bears use their superlong tongues to extract the honey inside, often gobbling up bees with the sticky sweet. Luckily they don't seem bothered by bee stings.

Do sun bears eat deer? ›

Being omnivores, sun bears have a broad diet including ants, bees, beetles, honey, termites and plant material such as seeds and several kinds of fruits; vertebrates such as birds and deer are also eaten occasionally.


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