Which Dutch Bros drinks are vegan? The Complete Guide | Bev's Vegan Headquarters (2023)

vegan drinks indutch brothers- What are you going to? Okay, full disclaimer alert: prior to writing this article, I had never come across a Dutch Bros Coffee in my life. In fact, to write this blog, I drove over 3 hours to get them to the nearest place to try them (it was worth the 6 hour round trip, to get there from a "Brother"). However, if you click on this article, you've heard of Dutch Bros and want to know what exactly is vegan.4helargest coffee chainin America (have471 locationsin 11 states, mostly in the western US) and a full breakdown of their drink menu (and... yes, if you're wondering, it started withtwo dutch brothers). This article only covers the drinks at Dutch Bros and not the food.

Is the coffee vegan?

Is the coffee vegan?

Which Dutch Bros drinks are vegan?

As a general rule, most drinks at Dutch Bros contain sugar and natural flavors and therefore cannot be labeled as truly vegan. However, there are plenty of non-dairy drinks you can enjoy at Dutch Bros as long as you order the following:

  • Replace any milk base with oat, almond, or coconut milk;
  • Avoid caramel, white chocolate, almond rock, eggnog, or pumpkin sauces; AND
  • Stick to whipped cream or soft toppings.

What about other coffee joints?

Do you also drink at Starbucks, Dunkin' Donuts and The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf? Do you want to know what is vegan there? Speaking of which, do you want to know if the coffee is even vegan? (SPOILER: believe it or not, not all coffee is vegan, and I don't mean things that contain milk.) If so, check out my other items:

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Vegan Drinks at Dutch Bros: Here's How I Put This Article Together

Being vegan is not always easy. Something I learned even more while writing this article. Dutch Bros drink ingredients are not available online or on their website. I had to compile this post based on Dutch Bros' official statement about vegan menu options on their website.websitecombined with the responses I received directly from Dutch Bros via email correspondence (thank you"Contact Us" page of book).

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Do you want to make vegan Dutch Bros coffee at home?

Before I get into the details, if you love Dutch Bros coffee and want to start replicating your vegan Dutch Bros coffee at home, you can! You can buy Dutch Bros Private Reserve whole bean coffeeAmazon yesterday.If grinding the beans seems like too much work, you can also buy their coffee capsules.also amazon(These work in the Keurig style KCUP coffee makerlike this on amazon).

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Vegan Drinks at Dutch Bros - Does Dutch Bros have dairy free drinks?

Let's start with the most basic question."Does Dutch Bros have dairy free options?This is the official statement on vegan drinks at Dutch Bros:

“Our drinks are dairy free! We can make them with any of our non-dairy milks, including oat, almond, and coconut milk. If you are vegan and cane sugar is allowed in your diet, most of our products will work for you.”

To be honest, there's nothing shocking here. At Dutch Bros there is the option of replacing cow's milk with alternative milks of plant origin. Note that there is a surcharge for oat, almond or coconut milk, as is the case in almost all cafeterias.

natural flavors

When I emailed Dutch Bros about their vegan drinks, they told me that almost all of their ingredients contain natural flavors and for that reason cannot be labeled vegan. I've talked about "natural flavors" in some of my soft drink articles, such as:Is the cream soda vegan? Unlock everything you need to knowYIs root beer vegan? Unlock the hidden cause. The most important thing to know is that natural flavors can be derived from plants or animals, so you can't tell if they are vegan or not, ie. h may not be vegan.

Cane sugar and natural flavors: the potential problems for vegans

If a product contains natural flavors and cane sugar, it might be vegan (as the natural flavors may come from plant sources and the sugar may not have been processed from bone char). On the other hand, it may not be vegan as the natural flavors may come from animal sources and/or the sugar cane may have been processed with bone char.

Some vegans decide they are making a big difference by not eating meat, fish, dairy, and eggs, and not worrying about potential non-vegan ingredients like cane sugar and natural flavorings. Other vegans are more strict, avoiding natural flavors and cane sugar (they only have sugar labeled organic, unrefined, or beet, since that type of sugar hasn't been processed with bone char).

The decision depends on your knowledge of cane sugar and natural flavors. If you're feeling up to it, there are plenty of drinks for you at Dutch Bros. If you're not, your options will be limited. I have provided the truly vegan drinks at Dutch Bros (meaning the ones with no cane sugar and no natural taste issues) at the end of the article.

Vegan Drinks at Dutch Bros - Sauces, milks, bases and toppings that are NOT vegan

Let's start with Dutch Bros sauces, milk, bases and toppings, which contain dairy and are therefore not vegan. All of these should be avoided if you are vegan. These are listed as dairy products on the Dutch Bros.

For convenience, I have divided them into syrups, milks/bases, and dressings in the table below.

Dutch Bros Syrups and Sauces CONTAINING DAIRY PRODUCTSDairy Milk/Bases to AVOID at Dutch BrosDutch Bros Dairy Toppings to HOLD
Mandel-Rock-Sirupdutch milk chocolate mixSoft Top (a fluffy, sweet marshmallow-like topping for a drink)
Salsa Karamell2% milkwhipped cream
Pumpkin Pie Dip (Seasonal)fat free milk
sugar free caramel sauceKick Me Mix (Half-Half)
Sugar free white chocolate sauceice mix
white chocolate sauceFreeze mix (contains whole milk)
Eggnog (seasonal)

Vegan Drinks at Dutch Bros - How to Order

Based on the chart above (if you're okay with natural flavors and cane sugar), your drinks will be vegan if you do the following:

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  1. Replace milk/base with oat, coconut, or almond milk; AND
  2. Avoid white chocolate, caramel, almond rocha, eggnog, or pumpkin pie syrups; AND
  3. Hold on to the whipped cream and soft top

Vegan Drinks at Dutch Bros - Dutch Bros Vegan Syrups

What sauces and syrups can you add if you want a flavored coffee? If you read my post about vegan drinks at Coffee Bean (Vegan drinks at Coffee Bean? How to order vegan) you might be disappointed to learn that Coffee Bean had no non-dairy syrups or sauces. Not to name and be ashamed or anything.

Fortunately, that's not the case with Dutch Bros. They have a range of non-dairy sauces and syrups which I've compiled in the table below. These items have not been listed on the Dutch Bros Dairy-Containing Items list, so based on my conclusions, I am assuming they are dairy-free. However, always check with your "broista" when ordering. Also note that based on the explanation above, some may contain cane sugar and natural flavorings and are therefore unacceptable for strict vegans.

Dutch Bros dairy-free syrups and sauces (but do contain sugar and natural flavorings)Dutch Bros Dairy CONTAINS syrups and sauces
blue raspberrySalsa Caramel
strawberryPumpkin Pie Dip (Seasonal)
Morasugar free caramel sauce
raspberrySugar free white chocolate sauce
Cocowhite chocolate sauce
granadaEggnog (seasonal)
passion fruit
Irish cream
Chocolate negro
Macadamia Nut Chocolate
salted caramel
Which Dutch Bros drinks are vegan? The Complete Guide | Bev's Vegan Headquarters (2)

Vegan Drinks at Dutch Bros - Oat Milk Stock Dutch Bros

I wanted to answer this question specifically in a separate section: Google showed this as a popular search query for Dutch Bros. This is probably due to the increasing popularity of oat milk relative to coffee. While almond milk and alternatives are available at most cafes, not all cafes have added oat milk to their menus yet.

Dutch Bros has oat milk on their menu. You can easily substitute dairy for oat milk at any Dutch Bros.

¿Sind Dutch Bros Rebels vegano?

Dutch Bros Rebels are essentially energy drinks that come in a variety of flavors.

All Dutch Bros Rebel flavors, except those containing White Chocolate Sauce, are dairy-free. They contain natural flavors and cane sugar, which may make them unacceptable to strict vegans. For your convenience, I've created a chart listing non-dairy and dairy stubborn flavors.

Dairy-Free Rebel Flavors (but do contain sugar and natural flavors)Dairy products with unruly flavors (contain white chocolate sauce)
electric bathEinhornblut
replicasRed White Blue
ha attackpeach ring
Double Rainbropink flamingo
peachdinosaur egg
passion waterGummy bears
Sun ray
Starry Night
traffic obligation
sweet morning
tre complicated
and gummy bears
galaxy fish
dragon slayer in dutch
fire lizard
Gummy bears
laser cat
majestic forest
dutch mojito

Sind Dutch Bros Frosts vegano?

"Frosts" are the Dutch brothers having a milkshake (they don't contain caffeine). Doing some research on the internet, I found conflicting information on whether Frosts can be made vegan. I found several sources that claim that vegans should avoid frost.

Despite searching, I couldn't find Frost Blend in the dairy ingredients list above. To get to the bottom of this, I emailed Dutch Bros to clarify (their customer service is great by the way, they reply to emails so fast!).

Here's what the Dutch brothers had to say: They use an ice cream mix as the base for their frozen drinks. The ice cream mix is ​​not vegan. However, you can substitute oat, almond or coconut milk to make your ice cream vegan.

Vegan Drinks at Dutch Bros - How to Order Vegan Frosts

Dutch Bros Frosts are vegan if:

  1. They ask for oat, coconut, or almond milk instead of ice cream mix; AND
  2. You have the whipped cream; AND
  3. They avoid any frosting flavor that contains white chocolate, caramel, or almond mocha sauce (these sauces contain dairy).

Dutch Bros Frosts contain cane sugar and natural flavors that may not be acceptable to strict vegans. You should also know that non-dairy frozen drinks may not be as thick and smoothie-like without the ice mix.

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Vegan Drinks at Dutch Bros - Frozen Drinks Overview

For your reference, here's a table of frozen drinks that can't be made dairy-free vs. frozen drinks that can be made dairy-free when ordered with oat, almond, or coconut milk and no whipped cream.

Dutch Bros Frosts that CAN BE MADE WITHOUT DAIRY (but do contain sugar and natural flavorings)Dutch Bros Frosts that CANNOT be done without Journal
strawberryNinja (contains white chocolate)
passion waterWhite chocolate
Sun rayCotton candy (contains white chocolate)
PalmaBirthday cake (contains white chocolate and rock almond)
OrangenstielUnicorn Blood (contains white chocolate)
and gummy bearsRed, white and blue (contains white chocolate)
crazy irishPink Flamingo (contains white chocolate)
breakevenPeach Ring (contains white chocolate)
traffic obligationPeach Chocolate (contains white chocolate)
Starry NightAlmond Bar (contains white chocolate)
midnightSnickerdoodle (contains white chocolate)
sweet morningTrifecta (contains white chocolate and caramel)
the bobTuxedo (contains white chocolate)
roasted softnessWallaby (contains caramel)
tre complicatedWhite Angel (contains white chocolate)
TrixieWhite Zombie (contains white chocolate)
vanilla beanBanana Cream Pie (contains white chocolate)
molten lavaCake dough (contains white chocolate and rock almond)
jamBiscuit (contains white chocolate)
waterDinosaur Egg (contains white chocolate)
banana breadDream Weaver (contains white chocolate)
gumDutch Canyon (contains white chocolate and caramel)
dragon slayerFlap Jack (contains white chocolate)
dutch mojitoGerman Chocolate (contains caramel)
fire lizardGummy Bears (contiene chocolate blanco)
majestic forest
Mono Funkey
galaxy fish
Coral reef
laser cat
Banana split
Which Dutch Bros drinks are vegan? The Complete Guide | Bev's Vegan Headquarters (3)

¿Sind Dutch Bros freezes vegan?

Dutch Bros Freezes are flavored frozen drinks that contain espresso. Dutch Bros Freezes aren't vegan like they are, that's because the Freeze base contains dairy milk (some flavors also include dairy sauces and whipped cream on top). However, you can make them vegan if:

Vegan Drinks at Dutch Bros - How to Order Vegan Frozen Food

  1. They ask for oats, almonds, or coconut instead of the frozen mix; AND
  2. They avoid dairy sauces; AND
  3. you got the whipped cream

Please note that all frozen items (even with substitutes) still contain cane sugar and natural flavorings which may not be acceptable to strict vegans.

Dutch Bros Freezes, which can be made dairy-free (but does contain sugar and natural flavorings)Dutch Bros Freezes that CANNOT be made without dairy
CocoCaramelizer (contains caramel)
wacky irishGolden Eagle (contains caramel)
roasted softnessPicture Perfect (contains caramel)
the bobWhite Chocolate Mocha (contains white chocolate)
banana breadWhite Zombie (contains white chocolate)
Gelee-DonutWhite Angel (contains white chocolate)
islanderWallaby (contains caramel)
irieTuxedo (contains white chocolate)
grasshopperTrifecta (contains white chocolate and caramel)
funny monkeySnickerdoodle (contains white chocolate)
double chocolate mochaAlmond Bar (contains white chocolate)
Banana splitGerman Chocolate (contains caramel)
molten lavaFlap Jack (contains white chocolate)
Dream Weaver (contains white chocolate)
Biscuit (contains white chocolate)
Cake dough (contains white chocolate and rock almond)
Which Dutch Bros drinks are vegan? The Complete Guide | Bev's Vegan Headquarters (4)

Are the seasonal drinks at Dutch Bros vegan?

All of the eggnog drinks at Dutch Bros are not vegan as the eggnog sauce contains dairy.

All the pumpkin drinks at Dutch Bros are not vegan as the pumpkin pie sauce contains dairy.

If you want to read more about whether the Pumpkin Spice Latte at the other major coffee chains is vegan, please read my post:Is Starbuck Pumpkin Spice Latte vegan? the amazing truth.

Is Dutch Bros Chai vegan?

I checked if Dutch Bros Chai contains honey. This can vary from one coffee chain to another. For example, Starbucks chai lattes contain honey (seeHow to order vegan drinks from Starbucks), but Dunkin' Chai Tea Latte does not contain honey (Vegan drinks at Dunkin' Donuts: This is how you order vegan food) - It's complicated.

In the case of Dutch Bros, I couldn't find the answer online. However, this may be irrelevant. This is because all varieties of Dutch Bros chai drinks contain white chocolate, caramel or custard. All of these contain dairy and are therefore not vegan, regardless of the honey situation.

Vegan Drinks at Dutch Bros - Best Dairy Free Drink Options from Dutch Bros

The Dutch Bros menu is large. So if you just want to order something dairy-free, here are my top five vegan drinks at Dutch Bros.

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1.The Oat Milk Kickerwhich launched in 2021 is vegan: it consists of oat milk and espresso. Simple but delicious!

2.Nussiger Irish Man Cold Brew. The Nutty Irish Man is an amazing combination of Irish cream and hazelnut syrup - what a combination of flavours. Add a dash of oat milk to make it super creamy!

3.Passionate Water Rebel. Flavored with passion fruit and watermelon. Tropical and refreshing.

4.green apple smoothie. Sour and sweet. Keep the whipped cream.

5.annihilator. Brief chocolate with macadamia nut. Replace half with your choice of non-dairy milk.

Vegan Drinks at Dutch Bros - Truly Vegan Drinks

When I received an email from Dutch Bros, they responded with a list of "truly" vegan drinks. These drinks are those that do not contain cane sugar or natural flavorings. Dutch Bros listed them as follows (and yes, Soda Water made the list):

Truly Vegan Drinks from Dutch Bros
pure black tea
Mineral water
Apple juice
private reserve
coffee with milk
cold beer

On the topic of tea and juice, if you'd like to read more about whether tea is vegan, I wrote about it here:Is the tea vegan? Time for the full factsas well as if the juice is vegan here –Is orange juice vegan? Reveal why you need to know?

As always, check with your "broista" before ordering as menu items and ingredients change.

Which Dutch Bros drinks are vegan? The Complete Guide | Bev's Vegan Headquarters (5)

Vegan Drinks at Dutch Bros: Last Sip

Wow Dutch Bros - Of all the coffee chains I've reviewed, this is by far the biggest menu I've come across. The place has everything you can dream of and more. is he vegan Their list of "truly" vegan drinks they sent me included "Soda Water", "Apple Juice", "Oat Milk", "Plain Black Tea", and "Espresso", which seems a bit basic. However, if you're comfortable with natural flavors and sugar, there are plenty of dairy-free options for you. While there are flavored drinks, like the Nutty Irish Man Cold Brew I mentioned above, if you're a strict vegan and concerned about "cane sugar" and "natural flavors" then literally go for the coffee (although many ofblind teststhey prefer Dutch Bros coffee to other chains).

Which Dutch Bros drinks are vegan? The Complete Guide | Bev's Vegan Headquarters (6)

... Now you know.

Beverage manufacturers may change ingredients and/or manufacturing processes. Always check the ingredients before buying drinks.

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I like what you read

Wow, there's a lot to know about the drinks at Dutch Bros. Want to know which drinks are vegan at your other favorite coffee chains, like Starbucks, Dunkin' Donuts, and The Coffee Bean? I mean, do you want to know if the coffee you're drinking is vegan? SPOILER AGE: not all coffee is vegan. If so, check out some of my other articles below:

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